Industrial Vacuum Trucks - Guzzler CL

The Guzzler CL industrial vacuum loader is available with a dense-phase off-load option. The optional batch off-loading system is ideal for off-loading powders, such as cement and lime, into large silos. The truck offers 14.5 psi, via a direct drive cyclo-blower rotary pump with up to 750 cfm of free-air displacement. The system pneumatically conveys material through a 4-inch hose up to 125 feet vertically. The rear of the dense-phase off-load configuration has a transfer cone with six fluidizing nozzles that fluff material into the air stream for improved material conveyance. The vacuum system operates effectively in remote or inaccessible locations more than 1,000 feet away. It provides accessibility to all internal chambers, and a low air-to-cloth ratio. It is also available with a vane pump pressure off-load system (high-pressure, low airflow) ideal for the vacuum loading of liquids, sludges and thicker materials. 800/627-3171;


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