Waterblasters - Hydrostatic-Drive Waterblaster Truck

Waterblasters and portable jetting systems enable professional drain and pipe cleaners to maneuver into tight spaces to complete their work. The waterblasters, jetters, hoses, cleaning nozzles, pumps, reels, safety equipment and vacuum trucks highlighted below will help you efficiently and effectively complete the job.

The hydrostatic-drive waterblaster truck from Freedom Enterprises eliminates the second engine, saving fuel and maintenance costs. It is ideal for pressure testing, line cleaning, tank clean-out, surface preparation and coating removal. It has a heated enclosed body with 925-gallon water tank with hot-water blasting capability; quick-change pressure/flow up to 40,000 psi; instant pump shutdown; a remote hydraulic tool circuit; 120-volt AC power and compressed air for tools and equipment; a cold-weather purge and antifreeze system; and a diesel-fired heater to warm the truck engine, water tank or van body all night, or when utilizing a programmable timer. 970/653-8588; www.freedomseweranddrain.com.


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