Product News - March 2024

Product News - March 2024

HammerHead Trenchless Heliam Scrim liner

The Heliam Scrim liner by HammerHead is a reinforced liner that minimizes longitudinal stretch and ensures accurate inversion lengths. It is engineered to reduce overshooting, allowing users to hit an exact mark without going into the main or needing to remove excess liner. The product requires lower inversion pressure, making it easier to invert on site. The Heliam can be used with all curing methods, a trait that is reflected in the name: heat (HE), light cure (LI) and ambient (AM). Currently available in diameters of 4-inch and 6-inch, Heliam Scrim is suitable for straight-shot applications and bends up to 45 degrees. The product will be available in either dry rolls or pre-wet-out options and sold in two roll lengths: 165 feet and 330 feet. 800-331-6653;

Tnemec Series 108 and 109 ProBond protective coatings

Tnemec launched Series 108 and Series109 ProBond, the newest epoxy penetrating sealers in its family of high-performance coatings. These products are designed as a go-to problem-solving primer in the epoxy sealer arena. The coatings offer new performance and convenience features including extended pot life and recoat windows, low-temperature cure, shipping and packaging advantages, and more. The products were designed to adhere to a multitude of substrates, including old finishes, and are frequently used as an overcoating primer. Series 108 and 109 are solvent-free coatings applied at a low film thickness to reduce stress and weight on old tightly adhered coatings, creating a reliable foundation to accept high-performance epoxy and polyurethane finishes. 800-863-6321;

Jetstream of Houston 2000 Series UNx Bareshaft pump

Jetstream of Houston’s 2000 Series UNx Bareshaft pump is the smallest pump in Jetstream’s seven-series line. The 2000 Series was developed as a compact option for industrial applications and offers minimal maintenance and maximum efficiency for jobs such as rig washing, petrochemical cleaning, hydrostatic testing, chemical injection, food processing and more. Compatible with up to 75 hp engines, the pump boasts flow capabilities of 6,000 to 15,000 psi and up to 20 gpm. Its triplex plunger design consists of three crankshaft-propelled plungers, offering powerful and smooth operation on the most demanding duty cycles. UNx fluid-end technology offers versatility by enabling a quick and easy three-step valve change process in the field to accommodate different pressure and flow requirements for a wide range of applications. 800-231-8192;

Aquarius Spectrum iQ100B wireless acoustic sensor

Aquarius Spectrum’s iQ100B is a new wireless acoustic sensor that enables listening to the pipe, performing leak survey and identifying leaks. It seamlessly connects to the AQS cloud via a user-friendly Android or iOS mobile application on a smartphone or tablet. The iQ100B allows you to hear the audio recording in real time using the registered audio speaker (the local speaker or a wireless headset). Collected samples can be uploaded, viewed and analyzed in a designated module in AQS-SYS portal. The recorded audio is sent to the AQS cloud for in-depth analysis, which classifies the audio as leak/no-leak. The sensor comes in a robust IP68 rigid plastic enclosure, meeting the safety, radio and environmental standards (UL94, CE/FCC, IP68). The internal rechargeable battery has the capacity to last for five complete survey days between recharges, with an average survey of eight hours/day). A RGB LED indicator visually indicates states of operation by color and sequence.


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