Product Spotlight - March 2021

Product Spotlight - March 2021

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Sewer line cleaning and inspection were once distinctly separate industries. However, that line is getting blurred as inspection camera equipment becomes more affordable and compact. Southland Tool, a longtime provider of sewer cleaning tools and accessories, has now entered the inspection market with the affordable ST-PRO CAM jet camera nozzle.

“It’s designed to give every jet user the ability to inspect and record the conditions of the sewer line, ensuring accurate repairs the first time for a very reasonable price,” says Southland Tool President David Pryor. “We integrate our self-leveling camera head with GoPro technology, along with 6- to 8-inch adjustable skids, three high-quality LED lights and a rear thrust nozzle, all for an affordable price point aimed at contractors being able to put one on every truck.”

The unit can be ordered compatible with 1/2-, 3/4- or 1-inch hose. If inspection of larger lines is required, a set of adjustable wheeled skids is available for inspecting either 10- to 12-inch or 15- to 18-inch lines. The unit’s GoPro 7 camera is designed for blind viewing, so all the technician needs to do is turn on the camera, send it down the line and let it video tape the targeted section of sewer. Once the unit is retrieved, the technician can then view the recorded footage on their smartphone or tablet via a free app using Bluetooth connectivity. They can also download the video and archive it for future reference onto a computer.

“The ST-PRO CAM gives all users the ability to inspect a sewer manhole in real time with a set of poles and our fiberglass pole attachment,” Pryor says. “You also have the ability to mark concern points on the video via the app. And as an added bonus, even if you don’t have a jetter, this system can be pushed with our sewer rods.”

The kit includes 6- to 8-inch adjustable skids and nylon wheels, a self-leveling GoPro 7 camera housed in a stainless steel enclosure, a rear 1-inch thrust nozzle with eight jets and plugs included for lower gpm needs, three adjustable 1,600 lumen LED lights, and a mini SD card and card reader. The camera offers three hours of runtime.

“Just think: you can clean a line, then verify its condition without waiting,” Pryor says. “It’s filling a much-needed void in the industry.” 714-632-8198;


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