Compact Hydroexcavator Easily Navigates Urban Settings

Compact Hydroexcavator Easily Navigates Urban Settings

Compact hydroexcavator easily navigates urban settings

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During the early years of hydroexcavation in the oil and gas industry, the trucks were built for their surroundings. They were bulky and extremely durable in order to handle those harsh environmental conditions. However, as hydroexcavation has gained a foothold across multiple industries, versatile options have become highly sought after.

The need to perform the work in tight urban settings led GapVax — one of the industry’s largest hydroexcavator manufacturers — back to the design board. The result is the compact HV33.

Designed for optimum hydroexcavation performance, maneuverability, and better weight distribution when working in metro areas, the GapVax HV33 is substantially shorter, smaller and more compact than the company’s previous models. Built upon their proven wet-dry filtration system, the unit offers a powerful 4,000 cfm high-vac positive displacement blower for quieter operation. The hydraulically driven triplex water pump is rated for 3,000 psi at 12 gpm, with options available for wireless engagement and pressure control. The unit is available with a curbside controls package that allows for all systems, including the chassis transmission, to be controlled with a touch of a button.

“It’s designed for city use, so it’s shorter, smaller, and more compact than any of our previous units,” says Bern Blazosky, a GapVax engineer. “It is designed to safely transport water and debris in urban areas.”

The HV33 is a compact 30 feet long with an inverted fully opening tailgate to shorten the overall length and improve the weight distribution. The 600-gallon stainless steel water tank and 6-cubic-yard debris body allow operators to work within weight restrictions. An onboard scale system is available to monitor the front axle, rear axle and overall gross weight. Its 8-inch top-mounted telescoping boom has an 18-foot reach with 270-degree rotation and has been optimized for hydroexcavation work. It has a 12-inch stainless steel liquid shut-off float ball, 20-inch body access manway, debris body semicircular material baffle with surge bar, blower hours meter and temperature gauge, porthose rotation flange, adjustable clean-outs, three tie-off points on top of the body, a 50-gallon hydraulic oil tank, heavy-duty rear splash plate, two adjustable sealed-beam worklights on the tailgate, and full-length aluminum fenders.

“This unit was designed to be user-friendly and more compact while maintaining superior performance,” Blazosky says. 888-442-7829;


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