Picote Smart Spider takes on delicate cleaning scenarios

Picote Smart Spider takes on delicate cleaning scenarios

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From cleaning PVC to pipes with holes or sections missing, drain cleaning professionals often run into situations where typical chain tools or abrasive cleaning methods can do more harm than good.

The Smart Spider cleaning tool from Picote Solutions is designed to excel in delicate pipe cleaning scenarios.

“The Smart Spider cleans all types of pipes fast and efficiently — it is even safe to use in PVC pipes. It is a unique tool designed specifically for pipes where the base or other sections are missing,” says Katja Lindy-Wilkinson, CEO of Picote Solutions. “It’s cost-effective, easy to operate and practical to maintain.

“Picote cleaning chains can’t be used in these situations, as the chains would not be able to navigate through a missing section or hole in the pipe,” Lindy-Wilkinson says. “If you have a fragile old cast iron pipe with holes to clean, the Smart Spider is a good option.”

Versions of the Spider are available powered by the Picote Maxi Miller (110 volts) for 4- and 6-inch pipes, or the Maxi Power+ Miller (400 volts) for bigger 6-, 8- and 9-inch pipes.

“We were asked to develop a cleaning tool that can be used in pipes where sections are missing. Most tools get stuck in the pipe when a section is missing,” Lindy-Wilkinson says.

“Several prototypes were developed and tested in order to find the design that works, and the raw materials for parts that would get the job done and be durable, yet not too aggressive in a fragile pipe.”

Though not designed for general drain cleaning applications, the Spider can be used to prepare a pipe for lining or coating. It creates a rough surface, allowing an ideal bond between the resin and the pipe wall. The Smart Spider+ with the Maxi Power+ can be used to remove collapsing liner if the liner is not fully collapsed.

Rotating at a maximum of 1,000 rpm, the Smart Spider “pulverizes scale into a fine dust, making it easy to flush with water, without causing any blockages further down the line.”

It comes with 12 changeable legs, 4 or 6 inches in length, which are now thicker and stronger than before. More innovations for the product are already on the way, to improve performance and durability.

“All Smart Spider products will soon be equipped with a silicone-based elastic part that can withstand higher temperatures compared to the earlier natural rubber version,” Lindy-Wilkinson says. “We have also been testing a specialty Smart Spider with cardbide tips (at the tip of the legs) to remove inconsistent or failed coating in the pipe.” 219/440-1404; www.picotesolutions.com


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