Jetstream Orbi-Jet X22 Rotary Nozzle Makes Surface Cleaning Easier

Jetstream Orbi-Jet X22 Rotary Nozzle Makes Surface Cleaning Easier
Jetstream Orbi-Jet X22 Rotary Nozzle Makes Surface Cleaning Easier

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The Orbi-Jet X22 rotary nozzle from Jetstream of Houston is designed for industrial surface cleaning applications. Rated for pressures up to 22,000 psi, the self-rotating nozzle features four jets designed to make surface cleaning safer and easier.

“This nozzle can be used for any industrial cleaning application,” says David Osier, district sales manager. “We’ve got guys who are using this for scarifying concrete or removing paint on concrete, rubber liners in tanks, cleaning components for pad work — pretty much anything that requires surface prep.”

Compound angles in each of the four jets follow a different cleaning path to provide greater coverage and less streaking than a fan-tip or single straight nozzle.

“You’ve got the options in this tool to use a narrow pattern, a wide pattern or a four-nozzle pattern,” Osier says. “We’ve also laser-etched the tool so that it’s easy for customers to know whether they are using a narrow pattern or a wide pattern.”

Nozzles are also safety colored for pressure recognition. “The ease of the tool — knowing nozzle selection, knowing what adapter you need to connect to a specific pressure gun — people seem to like,” Osier says.

Thrust spins the tool so no external drive is required. A lightweight Twis-Lok shroud ensures safer water displacement and protects the nozzle from damage during operation. A magnetic braking system controls rotational speed for minimal wear and maximum impact without streaking.

“We’ve also designed it so it can be field repairable,” Osier says. “Competitors’ nozzles require a fluid to slow down the tool. We use magnets. This is all part of the quick-repair option.

You’re looking at five minutes for a seal replacement or seven minutes for a complete rebuild, and that’s all due to the fact that it is magnetic and does not require any fluid.”

The premium kit includes the Orbi-Jet X22 nozzle, an optional 15,000 psi adapter, maintenance kit, secondary rebuild kit and tools for greater ease of maintenance and longer runtimes.

“When we put the packages together we basically set up three kits — a starter kit, a 15K kit and a premium kit,” Osier says. “In all three kits you have the option to use two nozzles in the two different pattern configurations or four nozzles for less streaking and a smoother finish.

“We also adapted this tool to be used on a lance machine, so that contractors can use this for automated cleaning as well,” Osier says. 800/231-8192;


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