Waterjetting Winners: How to Pick the Best Jetter

We've cherry-picked these drain and sewer cleaning powerhouses to help you take your waterjetting jobs to the next level.
Waterjetting Winners: How to Pick the Best Jetter
Performance line of trailer-mounted jetter/pressure washer combo units from Amazing Machinery

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Water jetters help you loosen blockages and clear grease-clogged lines, and flush it all away. Whether you’re expanding your menu of services and need to invest in a new jetter or it’s time to upgrade the jetter you’ve had for 30 years, the best equipment guarantees the best results. 

Jetters can do jobs other equipment can’t, such as opening lines too large for a cable machine, restoring flow to an entire backed up apartment complex, and clearing overwhelmed manholes. 

If you’re a first-time buyer, be sure to choose a jetter based on the types of jobs you plan to use it on. An electric jetter is ideal for small lines such as sinks and shower drains, whereas a gas jetter works on any drain. Cart-mounted jetters are designed for easier maneuverability and access to hard-to-reach places. Trailer- and truck-mounted jetters offer more power and still offer easy transport to job sites. 

Remember, more horsepower means higher flow at a given pressure. 

After more than 20 years in business, John Johnson, owner of Water Works Plumbing in Oklahoma City, finally got into jetting to better serve his customers’ needs. 

“The trailer jetter we use has opened the doors to a lot of different things we couldn’t do before,” he says. “I’m 20 years in and I’m taking on new things, trying to learn new stuff, because it’s becoming more and more prevalent, more guys are doing it, and I don’t want to be in a position where one piece of equipment can cost me a key customer.” 

From portable and compact to large trailer- and truck-mounted models, the right jetter will help you clear tough blockages fast. If waterjetting is a natural extension of your business, check out these drain and sewer cleaning powerhouses:

  • The Performance line of trailer-mounted jetter/pressure washer combo units from Amazing Machinery is designed for easy trailering, and the large water supply tank eliminates the need for a water source. A rear-mounted 12-volt electric jetter hose reel and SS rear stack mounted manual pressure washer and garden hose reels provide ample hose space.
  • The E Series trailer jetter from American Jetter offers protection from the elements in a compact enclosed package, with water flows from 7 to 40 gpm up to 5,000 psi. A Kohler diesel or gas engine using the dual engine option provides up to 80 hp. It offers a standard 200- to 330-gallon water supply tank depending on the model.
  • Hot Shot high-pressure water jet machines from Vac-Con are used for obstructions in sanitary sewer and/or storm drainlines. They have a non-corroding, polyethylene water tank, and can be operated by a single person, with all controls for high-pressure water and the hose reel located at the front of the machine for ease of operation and increased safety.
  • The truck-mounted Vactor Ramjet from Vactor Manufacturing comes equipped with a Jet Rodder water pump. Armed with up to 2,500 gallons of water in a stainless steel tank, it delivers flows of 60 to 100 gpm at 2,000 or 2,500 psi. The unit has a single-piston, hydraulically driven, dual-acting pump.
  • The 125 Series convertible water jet unit from NLB Corp. converts in about 20 minutes to any of eight operating pressures, from 6,000 to 40,000 psi. A wide range of flows (4.4 to 32.5 gpm) provides additional operating flexibility. It features a continuous-duty, six-cylinder diesel engine (electric models are also available), and is trailer-mounted for transport to job sites.
  • The Mongoose Model 254 jetter from Sewer Equipment Co. of America has a “Run Dry” pump that operates at 25 gpm at 4,000 psi, a tubular steel frame, corrosion-resistant, pre-painted sub assemblies, updated and user-friendly controls, a strong hose reel and a high-quality diesel engine.
  • The O’Brien 7000-T hydrojetter from Hi-Vac Corporation includes all of the features of the O’Brien 7000 series trailer jetter but is designed for true truck-mounted applications. It has flow ranges of 18 to 65 gpm and pressure capabilities of 2,000 to 4,000 psi.
  • The Camel Jet 1600 truck-mounted, high-pressure water jetting system from Super Products utilizes three modular tanks to carry up to 1,600 gallons of water. The tanks are rotationally molded polyethylene with ultraviolet stabilizers. Its Lexan Containment System means that users have additional safety protection from hose rupture or high-pressure water. 

Chris Tatro, owner of drain cleaning business Snowbridge Inc. in Breckenridge, Colo., relies on a portable jetter to access hard-to-reach jobs. 

“Our handheld jetter is great because it weighs only 42 pounds, so we can carry it with one hand and carry tools and a bucket in the other hand,” Tatro says. “We use it a lot in hotels where we can’t park close to a building, or when we need to be out by 8 a.m. 

“It’s also nice because we don’t have any hoses strung throughout a busy building. We do a lot of sink lines with it.” 

For more maneuverability, check out these portable, compact jetters:

  • The Crap Shooter sewer jetter from BullFrog Industries weighs less than 25 pounds and offers 1,500 psi running off a 15-amp circuit without losing any water pressure. A 50-foot high-pressure hose with quick connect attaches to the unit, and two heavy-duty nozzles are designed to enhance performance.
  • The RCJ Series skid-mounted jetter from Cam Spray is offered in flows and pressures of 8 gpm at 3,500 psi and 7 gpm at 4,000 psi. It features a three-plunger industrial pump with pulse feature powered by a 688 cc Honda engine. It comes with 200 feet of jetter hose that can also be used to supply an optional portable reel cart available with 200 or 300 feet of jet hose.
  • The JM-3080 Jet-Set water jet drain cleaning machine from General Pipe Cleaners can clear grease stoppages, sand, sludge and ice clogs. It generates 3,000 psi at 8 gpm, and Vibra-pulse on demand helps the hose slide easily down long runs and around tight bends.
  • The SJPE-1500 portable, compact jetter from Shark Pressure Washers & Jetters has a detachable hose reel and a retractable handle that accommodates easy loading and unloading into vehicles, and allows for transport around work sites. Its Pulse Technology propels hose through the line and around tight curves to break through clogs.
  • The 15J41 jetter from Water Cannon has a Honda GX 390 engine, flow rates of up to 4 gpm, pressure up to 4,200 psi and a 200-foot 3/8-inch jetter hose. It has a stable tilt-back style portable frame with a roll cage, and a pulsation valve for instant pulsation on demand in order to allow the operator to quickly loosen blockages and flush them away. 

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