Inside the September 2009 Issue of Cleaner

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A Closer Look
Sonar and laser technologies help R&R Visual take the inspection of pipelines to new levels and deliver accurate data to customers
Is Your Company Stuck in the Muck?
Taking your company to the next level means learning to delegate authority, hiring the best people, and replacing yourself with systems
Inspect with Care
A move into pipeline inspection with a focus on quality and attention to detail means faster growth and higher profits for EST Associates
Always Right?
Do you have some customers or customer types who constantly try your patience? Where’s the line between catering to customers and letting yourself be misused?
Second Honeymoon
A Florida cleaning contractor renews a long-standing relationship with a beloved vacuum truck through a top-to-bottom makeover
Buy Your Competitor?
The purchase of another company in your field can be a quick way to expand, but you have to proceed with due diligence
Pros and Cons of HSAs
Online discussion forum members share thoughts on the value of health savings accounts as a way to provide affordable coverage
Searching for Quality
Leading contractors find that reliable inspection equipment and sharp images help them stay efficient on the job and sell their services to customers
Safety Is an Attitude
Accidents are less frequent when employees buy into your company’s goals and support its values
Leading with Vision
The latest equipment and vehicles and highly skilled operators do not complete a top-quality pipe inspection team. The missing ingredient is an effective manager.
Taking Flight
A special underwater camera on a remotely operated vehicle helps a contractor find a blockage in an Ohio utility’s main intake pipes
Micro-Camera Explores Small-Diameter Drain Lines Industry News - September 2009
Gardner Denver Marks 150th Anniversary; NLB Moves to Larger Location; Mr. Manhole Expands into Maine; Inland Pipe Names Bellora CFO