Inside the May 2009 Issue of Cleaner

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Big Momentum
It took just eight years for Wayne’s Drains to build up to 27 employees while serving residential and commercial accounts in the Greater Boston area
Trimming the Workforce
The unpleasant but sometimes necessary step of layoffs during a business downturn requires attention to employees’ rights and to legal procedures
Time to Quit Talking on the Go?
Efforts to limit cell phone use while driving are picking up steam. Here’s how some contractors balance mobile communication with the need to drive safely.
Are You Participating?
The recession affects everyone, but you don’t have to be part of the doom and gloom. A positive attitude and positive action are more essential now than ever.
Pipe Dreams
Mike Williams of Just Drains LLC in Philadelphia, Pa., supports big plans with solid business practices and constant, aggressive promotion
The Audit Trail
In most cases, an IRS income tax audit is nothing to fear. The keys are to keep calm and make sure you’re accompanied by a professional.
The Right Jetter
Contracting professionals share ideas on upsizing a water jetter and selecting the right equipment to suit the application
Defensive Measures
Diversification, cost-cutting and investments in new, more efficient equipment are among measures contractors take to weather the recession and plan for growth
Slips, Trips and Falls
These common events can cause severe injury. Their prevention should be a high priority.
Getting the Picture
Inspection jobs and push cameras are not all created equal. Here are eight essential points to consider when choosing a camera system.
Treasure Hunt
A thorough push-camera inspection and careful excavation allow an Arizona contractor to retrieve a $70,000 diamond ring from a restaurant sewer lateral
Hydro-torque Cutter Can Rehabilitate Problem Pipes
Pipes blocked by tuberculation, mineral deposits or concrete often are prime candidates for replacement. Paikert/Intruder hydro-torque cutters from NozzTeq® Inc. provide an alternative.
Industry News - May 2009
Cloverleaf Tool Names Rawlings General Manager; RIDGID Introduces “Luck of the Draw” Video Contest; StoneAge Releases “About Us” Section