Inside the January 2009 Issue of Cleaner

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Bursting Boom
Old and deteriorating sewer lines in a Massachusetts community create a fertile market for Berkshire Rooter as a pipe-bursting specialist
Building on Values
A dedication to family and spiritual priorities lead an Arkansas service franchise owner to finance and support a Bible college
What Do Employees Want?
It’s an important question for business owners to answer in an industry where worker retention is often a challenge
That Extra “Degree”
Never underestimate the level of effort it takes to go from good to great. And don’t underrate the benefits of doing what’s necessary to get there.
Options Open
Pipe bursting and CIPP lining technologies give Miksis Services a large arsenal of trenchless tools with which to build business in northern California
Squeaky Clean
Casey’s Plumbing service vans tell customers exactly what to expect from the company’s service technicians
In Turbulent Times
A troubled period in the investment market is no time for rash decisions. The basic rules of sound, long-term investing apply now more than ever.
Going Trenchless
Contractors appreciate lining and pipe bursting, but also recognize the need to let customers choose traditional methods when warranted
Back to Basics
Sometimes the simplest safety issues are the most important ones to address with care and conviction
Thinking Long Term
Purchase price is only one consideration when considering the value of an investment in CCTV equipment for sewer pipe inspection
Down the Hole
An interceptor sewer rupture and resulting sinkhole required a work team of 20 contractors, innovative technology and a lot of ingenuity
Locator Listens to Multiple Frequencies
The RIDGID SeekTech SR-60 locator is designed to help technicians locate buried utilities quickly and accurately with a multidirectional antenna that picks up frequency signals from all directions.
The Business Connection
Seminars during the 2009 Pumper & Cleaner Environmental Expo International focus on practical business information that helps build a competitive edge
Industry News - January 2009
Bradbury Joins Capital Connection; Whittington Joins Spir Star; Jetstream of Houston Named Top Company; SiteWise Hires Vice President of Operations; HammerHead Redesigns Web Site