EPL Solutions Offers a Full Range of Inspection Tools

EPL Solutions manufactures and sells high-quality camera systems for 1- to 12-inch lines. The systems fulfill a range of needs from inspecting copper lines to mainlines, offering products with established durability. Inspect drains and sewers with the Gvision camera system, choosing various reel sizes, including a mini reel with 150 feet of push cable and a self-leveling standard reel with up to 400 feet of push cable. With the Gvision monitor, view a clear, bright picture in direct sunlight and easily share videos with a client or save them to your database. EPL distributes the CamTronics MiniFlex, a flexible mini sewer camera that was specially developed for inspecting small-diameter pipes, drains and tubes. The SXR multifrequency receiver has proven ideal for locating underground pipes. Pair it with the TXR transmitter or SS20X sonde for locations 20-feet-plus deep.

EPL Solutions is a solutions-based company for contractors. It started in 2007 as a small manufacturer of ruggedized diagnostic equipment. 

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