Video: Sewer Fishing Gone Wild!

Take a look at how this kid hooks largemouth bass from a city storm drain.
Video: Sewer Fishing Gone Wild!
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You clean and waterjet them, and clear them of nasty root intrusions, but have you ever considered fishing in a sewer? Well, this kid trawls for largemouth bass in his town’s sewer system. The storm drain, which empties into a nearby pond, makes for a very unique fishing hole. 

GrindTV Outdoor posted the story about 16-year-old Kyle Naegeli’s sewer fishing expeditions in his hometown of Katy, Texas. He attaches a cork to a line above to prevent losing it, sends it down through the holes of a storm drain manhole cover, and then he waits… 

Watch as he baits a hook, puts it through a hole in the manhole cover, and drops it down into the water below: 


“Some people are skeptical, but the more you see him sewer fishing the more you’re convinced it isn’t faked,” says the article.

Perhaps some drain and sewer cleaners might be shocked by this kid’s silly antics when the very real-world problems of failing infrastructure are no joking matter, but you have to give it to him for attention-grabbing videography. This could go viral in the world of extreme fishing! Doubtful.

He tells GrindTV Outdoor he’s caught hundreds of fish in the sewer with the biggest being a 3-pound bullhead.

Don't worry, the young fishing guru doesn’t fry up any of the fish he catches. He releases them back into their natural habitat: a storm drain.


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