The versatile Gen-Eye SDP Video Inspection System from General Pipe Cleaners offers a sunlight-readable screen, rechargeable battery and Wi-Fi.

General Pipe Cleaners’ new Gen-Eye SDP Premium video inspection and location system features a sunlight-readable screen, four-hour rechargeable battery, and a Wi-Fi transmitter, along with all the features of a full-size camera system in a compact portable package.

The Gen-Eye SDP, a beefed up version of the popular Gen-Eye SD, incorporates a number of enhancements to make inspection easier:

  • Larger 10.4-inch LCD sunlight-readable screen — makes it easier to see the screen when doing inspections in bright sun.
  • Built-in four-hour rechargeable battery — for remote applications far from a power source. Panel indicator lets you know when the battery is running low.
  • Wi-Fi transmitter inside — sends video to your smartphone or tablet. A free app lets you easily view and record video inspections at a range of up to 300 to 500 feet.
  • Built-in waterproof keyboard — permits nine pages of on-screen titling in wet environments.
  • Integral SD recorder — record video or still images. Stores as much as 32 GB of data on one card.
  • Heavy-duty Pelican case — protects your investment.

Weighing just 14 pounds, the versatile, rugged Gen-Eye SDP offers all the features of full-size video inspection systems in a compact, lightweight package. Use the docking arm to mount it on a full-size reel to troubleshoot 3-inch to 10-inch lines — or on a mini-reel for 2-inch to 4-inch lines.

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The Gen-Eye SDP also sports a built-in voice-over microphone with switch, LED dimmer control, camera test port, video and audio out connections for external recording devices, and AC and DC power cords.

For details, contact the Drain Brains at General Pipe Cleaners at 800/245-6200 or 412/771-6300, or visit

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