Keeping the internal pressure of your crawler system is critical for the safety of your investment

All professional-grade crawlers are pressurized to protect onboard electronics and to prevent against water ingress. It is up to the user to maintain proper system pressure in order to protect your investment.

Make sure to check the pressure of your crawler components before each use. Remember, internal pressure keeps water out of your crawler, so never deploy it without sufficient pressurization. Usually the crawler, lift and camera will be pressurized separately, so be sure to check them all.

The Envirosight ROVVER X pipe inspection crawler comes with an onboard low-pressure warning. This mechanism allows operators to know whether a certain component is losing air, indicating a leak path by which water can enter the system. When you repressurize system components, it should last for several days or weeks. If a component is losing pressure more regularly, a service visit is in order. Losing component pressure indicates faulty seals.

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Check out this video to learn how to properly pressurize your ROVVER X sewer inspection crawler. 

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