Inspect Any Lateral at Any Angle

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Inspect Any Lateral at Any Angle

The self-propelled, robust LAMP II is a CCTV pipeline inspection tool for identifying inflow and infiltration, potential cross bores, pipe defects, and structural conditions in lateral services and mainlines. The LAMP II is able to accomplish this by utilizing a self-propelled lateral launcher, transportation platform, and two cameras, one for pan/tilt/optical zoom operations (mainline) and one for lateral launching. The LAMP II with the optional mini pan-and-tilt camera will inspect laterals services and traverse multiple bends and wyes when deployed with or against the flow. 

  • Inspect mainlines and laterals with one inspection run
  • Front-mounted pan-and-tilt/zoom camera (40:1 optical/digital zoom) completes mainline inspection and monitors lateral camera; articulates to facilitate invert entry; automatic centering
  • Traverse up to 1,000 feet of mainline pipe while still being able to launch into laterals.
  • Self-leveling lateral camera with built in sonde
  • Supplied with four sets of wheels for 6- to 30-inch lines
  • Traverses 45 and 90 degree bends in lateral services
  • Fiberglass push cable, up to 150 feet
  • Rear tip-up connector
  • Optional equipment includes: mini pan-and-tilt lateral camera with directional rod for steering; rear-view camera; high-traction steel wheel sets; big pipe package available to increase pipe size range to 36 inches
  • Robust six-wheel drive with single point wheel removal
  • Can be added onto existing CUES units

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