Jetting With Jonesie: Hose Pressure Drop Comparison

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In this segment of "Get" Jetting with Jonesie, Steve Jones takes you through a comparison of the pressure drop seen through 300 feet of 1/4-inch vs. 300 feet of 5/16-inch jetting hoses. The result is a dramatic 45% difference in net gpm/psi performance, with only a 1/16-inch, 20% net difference in hose I.D. Note also that both hoses are run using the same 8 gpm Warthog 1/4-inch nozzle, and both hoses are fed by the same 9 gpm/4,000 psi jetting system. The comparison results:

(a) 300 feet of 1/4-inch (0.25-inch-I.D.) jetter hose: net 6 gpm at 2,100 psi (12,600 CU)
(b) 300 feet of 5/16-inch (0.31-inch-I.D.) jetter hose: net 7 gpm at 3,300 psi (23,100 CU)

CU = "Cleaning Units" of power (GPM x PSI = CU)

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