Propane Jetter Averts Disaster in Walmart Bakery

Being in the right place at the right time with a portable jetter on board landed Jake Saltzman a huge account

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Propane Jetter Averts Disaster in Walmart Bakery

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When Jake Saltzman was the owner/operator of First Response Drain Service, he provided drain cleaning and emergency services to commercial and residential customers in the greater Chicago area.

It was Saltzman’s decision to buy the revolutionary propane Brute Jetting System by Jetters Northwest that landed him contracts with several Walmart stores.

“We had been trying to land the Walmart account for years and the propane Brute Jetting System made it a reality.”

When Saltzman first saw the portable propane Brute (first introduced to the industry by Jetters Northwest in 2009) he immediately saw it as a game-changer.

“We happened to be in Walmart one day doing some shopping and noticed chaos in the bakery due to flooding,” he says. “I went to ask if they needed any assistance and let them know I was with First Response Drain Service … and my propane Brute happened to be on site.”

The store manager was skeptical and stated their current jetting company would be there with a trailer jetter at some point. The store manager went on to say how much of a pain the whole jetting process was, due to the fact that they had to run the trailer jetter outside through two doors, which both needed safety personnel posted during jetter operations.

The portability of the Brute Jetting System made the difference. Saltzman says he finally convinced the store manager to give his services a shot.

“I pulled the propane Brute Jetting System just outside the main bakery entrance inside the main building and had the drain cleared within 10 minutes. The store manager was so impressed that he brought me back right away for a different issue.”

With the 8.5 gpm, 3,500 psi, portable Brute Jetting System, Saltzman ended up landing the account for over 20 Walmart stores in the greater Chicago area with many other large accounts to follow.

Saltzman understands the value of having the right drain cleaning tools, so much in fact that he sold First Response Services and is now the Worldwide Technical Director for Picote Solutions Inc. But his propane jetter is still out in the field making its new owner money.

“If I decided to open my drain business again the first two things I would buy would be a Picote Maxi Miller and a Jetters Northwest Brute Jetter,” he says.

The Walmart example is one of many instances where the Brute Jetting System’s flexibility and innovation has allowed Jetters Northwest customers to succeed and grow in a competitive industry.

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Happy jetting!

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