Training and Support Keeps NuFlow Contractor Ahead of the Competition

Ray Michaels says becoming a NuFlow contractor was the best decision he made while growing his business

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Training and Support Keeps NuFlow Contractor Ahead of the Competition

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Ray Michaels, president of Maui Plumbing, knew that adding pipe lining to his business would be profitable.

The island of Maui was developed for tourism in the 1970s and 80s. Four decades later those hotels, condominiums and time share properties were showing signs of probable pipe failure. Michaels had a first-hand look to see the deterioration of many of the plumbing systems and knew that customers were looking for a solution that was not as destructive as pipe replacement. “I remember thinking that if there was a time to get started with pipe lining, it’s now.”

Michaels began to do some research for a lining company to partner with. After speaking with many pipe lining companies, he decided to become a NuFlow Certified Contractor. “We chose NuFlow because of their level of knowledge. I interviewed many companies, but NuFlow talked in detail about all of the products in the market.”

After signing up, the NuFlow trainer traveled to Maui to teach Michaels and his team. “The first training taught us the basics of pipe lining application, so we really understood the process and the capabilities of the product. NuFlow’s strength is their knowledge and helping you to really understand the process. After the initial training, we were ready to do it ourselves.”

Confident in their new skill, Michaels’s team closed a couple of contracts right away. “We made our investment back in the first couple of jobs.”

Since joining NuFlow in 2015, Michaels has continued to support his team with NuFlow’s advanced training and education. “We send everyone in our field crew to NuFlow training. Every time they go, you can see a considerable difference in their level of skill and their confidence on the job.” 

In addition to the education, he appreciates the technical support that NuFlow provides. “I am always impressed by the level of response from NuFlow. They are always available for technical questions and the people we call really know what they are talking about.”

For Michaels, the most valuable service that NuFlow provides is its commitment to develop new products and to constantly improve. “NuFlow is always looking for ways to make themselves better. It’s nice to have an industry partner that shares the same values as we do. By continually improving, it keeps us ahead of our competition.”

Six years since becoming a NuFlow Certified Contractor, Michaels considers it as one of the best business decisions he has made. “NuFlow is a no brainer. Their support is unmatched and they just care more, period.”

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