Reliable Jetter Brings Business from Local Plumbers

Top Dog Sewer and Drain stays busy tackling jobs other companies can’t

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Reliable Jetter Brings Business from Local Plumbers

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Repeat commercial business is common for Charlie Brennick, owner of Top Dog Sewer and Drain. In fact, it makes up the majority of his clients. Brennick believes his customers keep returning because of his expertise and experience. “Once they use me one time, they see that I am using great equipment and that I get things done faster and more efficiently.”

Top Dog Sewer and Drain is located in Raymond, New Hampshire, where drain services are few and far between. The company specializes in all sewer and drain cleaning and handles anything from small bathroom sinks up to large water and sewer lines, but by marketing themselves as jetting specialists who have the right equipment to get the job done, they have created a unique market for their services. 

The right tool gets the job

Specifically, Brennick uses the model 4009 Brute portable jetter from Jetters Northwest. It’s that piece of equipment that allows him to tackle jobs other companies can’t.

He’s been relying on Jetters Northwest equipment for the better part of his career. “Ever since we got our first jetter, we’ve never looked back. A lot of people around here are using machines that can’t do the same job,” he says. “Many of them have picked up on that and are referring me instead of doing the drain work themselves.”

When choosing a jetter, it was important to him to have a machine that was portable but would also provide the 4,000 psi he was looking for to cut through tree roots and other difficult obstructions. He also wanted something that would provide the versatility to limit water flow for different applications of drain cleaning.

“The portable unit is great. I have it mounted in my truck with a water tank and it’ll pull 600 feet of hose in a straight line no problem,” he says. “It’s really impressive.” The ability to turn the reel on and off remotely is another huge advantage and an invaluable asset for specific situations. “I couldn’t live without it on a lot of jobs.” 

Unmatched service and reliability

The reliability of the machines is a standout. Brennick was first introduced to Jetters Northwest machines while employed at another company, before starting his own business. It was one of their early models, which the company ran for many years without repairs. “The company that I worked for ended up buying three more of that same machine,” he says. 

When starting out on his own with Top Dog Sewer and Drain, he didn’t have to think long about the jetter he would rely on. “Customer service is huge and a giant reason why I have never even looked elsewhere since I started using their machines. It has been phenomenal,” he says.

Equipment you can count on is essential for any business, especially when the business is built around the investment. Not dealing with downtime from a broken-down jetter means Top Dog Sewer and Drain can get more jobs done and isn’t spending money on costly repairs. Brennick has never had to take the jetter anywhere to be repaired or serviced. Any maintenance that needed to be done he has been able to resolve on his own or by talking with the experts at Jetters Northwest. “Anytime I call, I can get someone who knows these machines inside and out that helps me fix any issues I have.”

A great example is when Brennick decided to use an auxiliary water tank instead of running the machine off a hose. He looked to Jetters Northwest for help with the conversion and they were able to walk him through step by step and assist with getting the right parts to make it happen. “They worked with me a lot to get that set up and functional, even when a lot of the stuff I was using I didn’t buy from them.”

That sort of customer service builds a trusting relationship. For years, he was using a particular nozzle and getting frustrated with the results. After a recommendation from the Jetters Northwest team, he purchased the Reaper nozzle from them without hesitation. “It’s the coolest thing I’ve ever used. They have never led me astray. 

“I just think they are far beyond anyone else I’ve worked with,” Brennick says. “I have no intentions of changing anytime soon.” 

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