Easy-to-Use Inspection System Fits in a Pickup

Need an easy-to-use pipeline inspection system for hard-to-reach areas? Inspection pipelines in any location with the K2 Base Station.

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Easy-to-Use Inspection System Fits in a Pickup

The CUES K2 Base Station is mounted in a compact, rugged, weatherproof enclosure and can fit into an ATV, van or pickup truck to access easements and hard-to-reach areas. Featuring wireless control, the K2 Base Station is a compact, portable, easy-to-use pipeline inspection system that operates all CUES transporters, cameras and video cable reel functions to accommodate 6- to 200-inch pipe inspection. The reel features automatic payout with a capacity of 1,700 feet of video cable. Heavy-duty welded lifting eyelets and forklift skids are provided for quick deployment to the host vehicle. The unit can operate with the CUES Digital Side Scanning Camera (DUC).

Features and benefits

  • A partition separates the video cable reel with tractor and camera storage from the power control unit, monitor and optional computer
  • Racks are mounted with shock-isolators to prevent equipment damage from jarring and vibrations
  • Sealed front door is hinged, supported by a gas shock, and functions as an awning in the open position
  • Easy access to service and maintain the unit via removable panels
  • An aluminum watertight enclosure protects components
  • Built-in camera and transporter storage

For more information about the K2 Base Station, visit cuesinc.com

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