Skid-Mounted Jetter Ramps Up Productivity

King's Sanitary Service owner Rex King Jr. says his skid-mounted jetter from US Jetting saves his business hours of lost time every week

Skid-Mounted Jetter Ramps Up Productivity

Rex King Jr., owner of King's Sanitary Service in Bristolville, Ohio

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When Rex King Jr. bought a septic-pumping and drain-cleaning outfit (renamed King’s Sanitary Service), the acquisition included a waterjetting truck with a skid-mounted jetter made by US Jetting.

Six years later, the Bristolville, Ohio, business still relies on the unit to clean grease-trap lines and municipal sewers.

“It helps us out with everything,” King says. “It does a great job blowing up grease buildup in lines, and we also use it for unclogging residential laterals and underground downspouts.”

King says the unit’s pulse mode is a big productivity enhancer.

“You flip a valve and water starts pulsing through the line. That helps the jetter head and hose get around corners. Sometimes you can’t actually clean a drainline if you can’t get around that 90-degree turn, or at least not do it as efficiently. The pulse mode really helps get the job done.”

The unit features a hydraulically powered hose reel that carries 500 feet of 1/2-inch-diameter hose. King says this feature dramatically reduces the amount of time spent on the job compared to manual payout and retrieval. That’s especially true for jobs that require using all 500 feet of hose or more.

“Sometimes we have to connect two hoses together to reach, say, a leachfield in a septic system to find the curtain-drain outlet,” King says. “It could be 100 feet from just the driveway where we park the truck to where you enter the drainline, and then it could be another 300 to 400 foot or more of drainline to clean. Reeling in that much hose by hand might take 20 minutes or so, and the guy who has to do it would probably quit. With the hydraulic reel, it takes four or five minutes. So if you have 10 or 15 jobs a week and 20 minutes of reeling per job, you’re looking at hours and hours of lost time.”

Read more about King’s Sanitary Service in the July 2018 issue of Cleaner magazine.


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