Solve Connection Lining Challenges with V & HCL

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Solve Connection Lining Challenges with V & HCL

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Vertical and horizontal connection liners are specifically designed for use in vertical and horizontal installation for small-diameter T and Y connections.

The liners can handle main sizes of 3, 4 and 6 inches, with branches of 3-, 4- and 6-inch lateral connections.

Handling the pipe lining of connections in the drainage system can be tricky; however, with this specific process, CIPP lining with T or Y connections can be done successfully.

A distinct advantage of utilizing Nu Flow Technologies’ V & HCL product is the ease of the installation process.

A two-man crew can install the connection liner and cure it off in less than an hour, which ultimately means less downtime for the building or customer, and more successful installations and revenue.  

With over 6,000 miles of small-diameter pipe rehabilitated with Nu Flow Technologies, these liners offer a full CIPP structural solution to inside infrastructure rehabilitation. 

With a trenchless technology solution such as V & HC liners, solving the challenges of connections is both effective and time efficient.

Whether you’ve been inverting lateral drains for years, dabbling with pull-in-place or are just starting out in the CIPP lining business, adding V & HC liners to your arsenal of tools can help you sell, install, and ultimately solve your client’s pipe problems with full confidence that the entire system has been rehabilitated.

Low startup costs include hands-on training. Claim your territory today.

For more information about Nu Flow Technologies’ V & HC liners contact or call 800/834-9597.


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