Product News: Jan. 16, 2017

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Product News: Jan. 16, 2017
MyTana Manufacturing’s line of inspection systems are built for durability and exceptional image clarity.

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MyTana Manufacturing inspection systems
MyTana Manufacturing’s line of inspection systems are built for durability and exceptional image clarity. Monitors are daylight-readable, LED backlit, and enhance the clarity and wide-angle view of the camera. All-steel-frame construction and durable pushrods have been factory and field tested to make sure the camera holds up in harsh operating environments. Five different units cover inspection of 1 1/2- to 12-inch lines with pushrod lengths of 100 to 400 feet. The camera heads have 512 Hz transmitters built in for locating trouble spots, including cast iron pipes. Smaller NG2 systems and larger units with the CBX17 Control Box have a 64GB internal drive and two onboard USB ports. Record to either location, or both at the same time. Image examples can be viewed at 800/328-8170;

R.S. Technical Services RST Helix manhole inspection system
R.S. Technical Services’ new RST Helix manhole inspection system can be deployed from a CCTV vehicle, pickup truck or ATV and is capable of scanning a 10-foot manhole in under one minute. The Helix has six high-resolution cameras that capture panoramic images of every surface as well as six active 3-D sensors that record spatial data points for precision measurements. Once the Helix reaches the bottom of a manhole, it returns and automatically transmits scan data to software where it can be reviewed in the office or in the field. 800/767-1974;

Hi-Vac Combo Hydro
The new Combo Hydro from Hi-Vac Corporation is a hybrid of Aquatech sewer cleaners and X-Vac hydroexcavators, and comes with a powerful 27-inch Hg blower. It has a large-capacity water pump for sewer cleaning that runs 80 gpm at 2,500 psi and hydroexcavation water flow of 20 gpm at 2,500 psi. Equipped with a 400,000 Btu boiler, the heated enclosure for the water pump and all water components enables the Combo Hydro to work in cold conditions. 800/752-2400;

COXREELS offers new options for V-100 Series reel
The V-100 Series reel from COXREELS features improved O-ring sealing for greater vacuum consistency and performance, and a new swivel-retention system that strengthens the frame and prevents separation of the swivel under excessive lateral loading. The swivel also allows for the connection of a 2-inch hose in addition to the 1.5-inch hose, making the reel more accessible to home and light commercial applications. The V-100 Series is available in either a 35- or 50-foot model. 800/269-7335;

VT Hackney Sprinter van shelving packages
VT Hackney released a line of aluminum shelving for select Sprinter van models. Standard kits are available for quick delivery and installation, but modifications can be requested. The shelving is lightweight and adjustable for storage trays or tools. Driver- and passenger-side kits can be purchased separately or as one package with top shelf storage for ladders and pipe. 252/946-6521;

Water Cannon heavy-duty foot valves
Heavy-duty, floor-mounted, foot-controlled valves from Water Cannon allow control with hands-free operation of the sewer hose in demanding applications. The valves feature pedal- and valve-protected housing, heavy-gauge steel construction for durability and stability, and inlets/outlets positioned to keep the hose out of the way during use. The valves handle pressures from 4,000 up to 7,250 psi and flow rates from 4 to 21 gpm. 800/333-9274;

CUES wireless 3-D SPiDER Scanner
The SPiDER wireless, color manhole scanner from CUES can calculate its position in the manhole shaft by using sensor data to measure its incremental motion. It weighs less than 30 pounds and can be hand-carried to easements or other difficult-to-access sites. The processing computer and battery supply are integrated into the scanner, which allows portability. The SPiDER also provides live video stream and recorded video that can be used for I&I studies. 800/327-7791;


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