Product News: Oct. 18, 2016

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Product News: Oct. 18, 2016
The KAMJET 27/2800 mobile high-pressure unit from KAMAT utilizes a high-pressure plunger pump capable of 40,610 psi at 7.13 gpm.

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KAMAT KAMJET mobile high-pressure unit
The KAMJET 27/2800 mobile high-pressure unit from KAMAT utilizes a high-pressure plunger pump capable of 40,610 psi at 7.13 gpm. The pump also features a full lift safety valve for the automatic release of excess pressure, stainless steel pump head and conversion kit, and low-noise-reduction gearbox. The pump is powered by a 218 hp, 5.1L Tier 4 Volvo Penta diesel engine. The tandem-axle trailer contains all components within a solid frame, allowing for crane transport via four lifting eyes. Covers and maintenance hatches provide access to all controls and components. All functions are performed on the Easy Control module. Optional Wi-Fi integration allows for online access to the control system.

Ford Meter Box Repair Clamp Kit
The Emergency Repair Clamp Kit from Ford Meter Box provides flexible pipe repair for pipe diameters from 4.5 to 30.75 inches. The kit can be restocked and contains various-sized stainless steel bands with EPDM or Bruna-N gaskets, O.D. tape, a repair clamp sizing chart, and an O.D. chart. 800/826-3487;

Brawny option for COXREELS 100 Series
The Brawny option for COXREELS 100 Series reels adds strength to the reel drum, minimizing potential damage under increased pressure or pulsing pressure use. The Brawny option is available for 8-, 12.5- and 18-inch drum widths. 800/269-7335;

Milwaukee Tool close-quarters tubing cutters
Close-quarters tubing cutters from Milwaukee Tool feature a small swing radius and directional grip to cut copper tubing in tight spaces. Available in 1/2-, 3/4- and 1-inch sizes, cutters can cut through Type M, L and K copper tubing. Additional features include chrome rollers for rust protection and weep holes to drain water from the tool. 800/729-3878;

Sensoray Model 3364 USB capture device
The Sensoray Model 3364 USB 3.0 video capture device is available in SDI and DVI versions. It captures uncompressed SD/HD video in resolutions up to 1080p60 and uses H.264 video compression for inputs up to 1080p30 with low latency. The device is capable of capturing uncompressed video at full frame rates while simultaneously sending uncompressed and compressed streams to the host. It does not require a device-specific driver or an internal power supply and is controlled by using the video APIs DirectShow or Video4Linux. 503/684-8005;


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