15 Vehicle Tracking Programs Designed to Increase Driver Efficiency

Equipping technicians with mobile devices and integrated software can be an effective fleet management solution that can make your sewer and drain cleaning operation more productive.
15 Vehicle Tracking Programs Designed to Increase Driver Efficiency

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Managing a fleet of drivers can be difficult, to say the least. There are always inefficiencies for reasons such as routing issues, lack of information, lack of communication and customer error. Every minute that your technicians are not performing efficiently, money is going out the door. 

So what can be done to help assist your drivers in providing the best service in the most cost-effective way?

There are several actions that can be taken to weed out time-wasting habits and improve driver productivity. With increased access to technology and software, options are available that can help solve some of these problems. Tablet computers and other mobile devices equipped with proper software provide solutions to many of the problems that your business may be experiencing.

Highlighted here are some of the common productivity issues that you may have with your fleet. Providing your drivers with mobile devices can help them accomplish more work in less time.

Printing routes on paper is expensive and wasteful
Many companies are still tied to printing out drivers’ routes on paper every morning. This process can be effective, but it produces its own set of issues. Paper printing can be expensive and wasteful. Think about how much you spend on paper, ink and printer upkeep by printing all of your route sheets off every morning for every driver. Over just one year, the costs and waste can add up to a staggering amount. By supplying all of your technicians with tablet computers that integrate with your routing software, you can easily upload the driver’s route to their device every day. This way they are provided with a pre-calculated route optimized for their daily stops.

Update routes throughout the day
With a traditional paper route system, you are unable to update your technicians’ route information throughout the day. If a customer requests additional service or a driver has to make additional stops, you would have to call the driver and ask them to complete the additional work. With tablet capabilities, your dispatcher would only have to update the information in the computer and push the updates to the technician’s tablet or device. This saves time and eliminates human error.

Documenting issues that prevented service
In some instances, a technician may have stopped by a job site, but he was unable to provide the needed service because perhaps he didn't have the proper equipment. However, with tablet technology your employee can annotate the reason that the service was not completed.

There are several companies that can provide you with the software to help reduce inefficiencies in your routing programs. They can even integrate with other aspects of your business, such as your CRM and accounting software. Be sure to shop around for the software that will best fit your needs. You wouldn’t want to make such a big decision without analyzing all of your options and needs first. Be sure to make a list of the functionalities that you most require for your business and work from there.

Here are some software suggestions to help you manage your fleet more efficiently:

  • The driver’s app from Clear Computing Inc. running on Apple and Android devices gives drivers a real-time route list for service stops and work orders with all the information needed to complete and update the status of each job. Included are voice directions from the current location for each stop, and maps and update forms for key operational fields, including quantity, units serviced and start/end times.
  • Famhost Apps is designed to eliminate paperwork delays. Invoices automatically calculate prices, parts and taxes; inventory is updated automatically; and an electronic copy of the invoice can be emailed automatically to the customer, as well as information sent to the office.
  • The Reveal GPS vehicle tracking system from Fleetmatics is designed to improve productivity for virtually any mobile workforce by providing insight into driver behavior and workforce productivity.
  • GPS Insight fleet and asset tracking software is designed to allow managers to have complete visibility into mobile operations to reduce costs and improve driver efficiency.
  • SmartForms from GPS North America transforms traditional paperwork orders and inspections and sales forms into customizable digital forms, available on an iOS or Android platform.
  • Locqus provides a cloud-based field service management platform that provides the ability to schedule jobs, send en-route customer notifications, collect payments on site, track inventory, create quotes/invoices/receipts, view transactions and view employee and job locations with geolocation services.
  • The NexTraq Fleet Tracking System provides a cloud-based, comprehensive fleet tracking solution with Fleet Dispatch that allows an operator to schedule jobs, dispatch them to vehicles, and send messages to and from workers in the field, including a drag-and-drop schedule board that accelerates and simplifies assigning jobs.
  • Mobile WorkForce integrates with Point-of-Rental Systems’ Enterprise Software for Windows, and can be utilized with any web-enabled mobile device and integrated with other software to provide a variety of fleet tracking services.
  • RIDGIDConnect streamlines the reporting process, integrates digital media and files into a hosted archive environment, and produces sharable professional reports. 
  • Summit Automatic Decision Mapping and Dispatch from Ritam Technologies uses Summit Rental System customer accounting and operations management for billing and to prepare routes. 
  • The Android app from RouteOptix allows a driver to make notes regarding locations, change service details, record delivery/pickup details and enter tickets from disposal facilities.
  • The SAFE Software menu-driven program allows operators to track customer information, schedule service and recurring visits, create invoices and proposals, record payments and more.
  • Mobile Technician software from SWRemote allows technicians to manage a job in the field using a mobile device while linking and updating directly to Successware21 Office Management System in real time. 
  • The Service Program software was created for QuickBooks users, providing access to live weekly training sessions, video tutorials, and phone and online support.
  • Tank Track software is designed to help septic service businesses manage customer information and schedule appointments quickly and easily.


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