One-Pass Technology Used to Complete 4,038-Foot Pipe Installation

Two-month project employs Direct Pipe installation method to set trenchless record.
One-Pass Technology Used to Complete 4,038-Foot Pipe Installation
A 65-year-old worker died earlier this month after falling 50 feet into an open manhole.

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Michels Corporation used a Herrenknecht 750-ton pipe thruster to push a 48-inch-diameter pipe string 4,038 feet under the Dow Barge Canal in Freeport, Texas.

The Direct Pipe installation passed under a flood control levee, Dow Barge Canal, a rail crossing and multiple road crossings.

The two-month project was completed Aug. 28. Designed by Herrenknecht AG in Germany, Direct Pipe is a one-pass technology that combines aspects of horizontal directional drilling and tunneling to install pipes.

The distance of 4,038 feet set a new North American record in trenchless technology.


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