Saflex Tube Lancer Outperforms Manual Cleaning

NLB Saflex 2001 semi-automated tube lancers are safe and effective tools for waterjet cleaning the I.D. of tubes

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Saflex Tube Lancer Outperforms Manual Cleaning
The Saflex 2001 offers a high-torque flex lance drive system that makes cleaning tube bundles fast and easy.

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A Saflex 2001 tube lancing system doubles the productivity of manual waterjetting. It's a lightweight, portable system that operates at up to 20,000 psi while eliminating lance contact by the operator. After positioning the flex lances at the first two tube openings, the operator can reposition them for more tubes with push-button or wireless remote controls (both optional). Safety is further enhanced by an optional hose reel to manage hoses and minimize fall risk.

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NLB Corp., a global leader in high-pressure and ultra-high-pressure waterjet systems, manufactures a full line of quality waterjetting pump units and accessories for contractor and industrial uses. Applications include tube and pipe cleaning, tube bundle cleaning, tank cleaning, product removal, surface preparation, drill pipe cleaning, pavement marking and rubber removal, concrete hydrodemolition, concrete and pipe cutting, and more.


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