Social Media Takes the Driver's Seat

It's time to toss the Yellow Pages and embrace social media marketing. Don't worry, we'll help show you the way.
Social Media Takes the Driver's Seat
Rodrigo Hernandez, financial manager for The Gentlemen Plumbers in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, uses ServiceTitan business-management software to dispatch technicians. The cloud-based service records when they were dispatched, the customer’s name and location, as well as which technicians produce the most revenue and what advertising campaigns generate the most bang for the buck. Photo by Mike Ridewood

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The first step toward creating a successful marketing campaign is to take out the perfect ad in the Yellow Pages — if you’re running a business in 1992. 

The truth is that business owners today need to approach marketing very differently than they would have 10 or 15 years ago. While placing an ad in the Yellow Pages is never a bad idea, a business owner who wants to be successful should take an all-encompassing approach when it comes to earning attention from potential customers. 

Utilizing social media outlets

Here are a few reasons why making the most of social media platforms will increase patronage: 

  • Social media marketing is now the norm. Most customers today are used to businesses taking an interactive approach when it comes to marketing. Several years ago, a predominantly Web- and social-media-based campaign was only necessary for drawing in a younger crowd. Today, however, there is much less of a generational gap between demographics. It’s very common nowadays to see grandparents, parents and kids tweeting. Therefore, business owners who forgo the social media marketing experience will quickly lose touch with customers.
  • Social media advertising grabs customers’ attention. It’s no longer enough for entrepreneurs to simply put information about their business out there. Today’s world is full of distractions. For this reason, it is necessary to shake customers out of their technology-induced, hypnotic trance. The truth is that business owners are not only responsible for convincing customers that their products or services are the best, but also for educating prospects and telling them what they need to know.
  • People now care more about what other people think. Another reason for immediately jumping on board the social media bandwagon is that buyers are now more interested in what other purchasers have to say about products and services. Many individuals today are easily swayed by online reviews and Facebook “likes.” It is also commonplace for a person to check out a particular business on a customer review site before even walking into a store or scheduling an initial consultation. 

A Web-based approach

While every business owner should invest in a proper social media campaign, it is also essential to use other Web-based marketing tools as well. Consider the following suggestions: 

  • Try YouTube. Unfortunately, many business owners underestimate the incredible marketing potential of YouTube. Though many people assume that YouTube is only a place to post silly videos about a pet, the truth is that it can be used to reach millions of potential patrons. Making the most of this venue can, in fact, help your business go “viral.”
  • Write how-to articles. Simply put, how-to articles work. Customers are now used to checking the Internet for help with many everyday problems. By associating your business with positive solutions, you can easily encourage potential patrons to give your company a try.
  • Send out updates. While launching a professional website alone will make information about your business readily available, it won’t help you stay in contact with existing clients. Sending out email updates, however, will ensure that your business stays fresh on your customers’ minds.

Explore every new possibility when designing a successful marketing campaign. By adding more techniques to your arsenal, you can easily gain more customers and ultimately grow your business. 

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Since founding Grammar Chic in 2008, Clark, along with her team of skilled professional writers, has offered expertise to clients in the creative, business and academic fields. The company accepts a wide range of projects and often engages in content and social media marketing, drafts resumes, press releases, Web content, marketing materials and ghostwritten creative pieces. Contact Clark at


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