Installer-Friendly Cleanout System Puts You in Control

See why this cleanout system is a must for your pipe rehabilitation operation

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Installer-Friendly Cleanout System Puts You in Control
No large equipment or shoring required for this must-see cleanout installation system.

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Perma-Liner’s Cleanout Installation System gives you access to the lateral pipe for cleaning inspection and lateral lining through a cleanout. The Cleanout Installation System can also be used to establish a new service connection at the mainline pipe. It is compatible with all pipe types such as clay, cast iron, concrete, PVC, and even HDPE and is available in diameters from 4 to 24 inches.

The system is homeowner-friendly with minimal disruption and restoration, utility friendly as it eliminates the hazard of digging up water and gas lines, environmentally friendly because it saves trees and landscaping, and installer friendly because no large equipment or shoring is required.

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