Single Access Point Lining With Tear-Away System

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Single Access Point Lining With Tear-Away System
The Perma-Lateral Tear Away system allows installation from a single access point, another great feature of the no-dig technology.

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The Perma-Lateral Tear-Away system allows installation from a single access point — a true zero-dig technology. Newly developed patented technology — camera inspection port, directional shoes and clear calibration cube — makes pipe lining jobs quick and easy and increases overall productivity. 

With the help of directional shoes, the installer can direct the liner and calibration tube upstream or downstream. Using the camera inspection port, the installer can use a lateral push camera inserted inside the clear calibration tube; both components provide visual certification of the liner placement before curing. The Perma-Lateral Tear-Away System commonly uses heat to assist during curing for quicker cure times and increased productivity. 

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