Plumbing Pro Gets Drain Cleaning Jobs Done Right

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Plumbing Pro Gets Drain Cleaning Jobs Done Right
Carl Helt trusts his General Pipe Cleaners equipment.

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Carl Helt always expects Helt Plumbing crews to remove their shoes before entering customers’ homes. 

“We’ve built our hard-earned reputation by treating customers with decency and respect,” he says. “And we’ve stayed in business by getting the job done right.” 

With nearly 50 years’ service as a plumbing and drain cleaning expert, Helt insists on insuring those high professional and performance standards with superior equipment. 

“When I started my own business in the early 1970s, I became the third owner of a second-hand General Sewermatic,” he says. “And I passed that drain cleaner to a fourth plumber – my brother-in-law. For all I know it’s still working today.” 

That sort of durable dependability made Carl Helt a lifelong General Pipe Cleaners customer. And that’s why he especially loves his Speedrooter 91. 

“We used it on four separate jobs in a day and it came through every time,” Helt says. 

Power & reliability meet professional needs

With plenty of raw power for long, tough jobs, the field-proven Speedrooter 91 blends rugged reliability with optimal control and ease of use. 

Proper tools, Helt contends, also save time, money and headaches – ultimately boosting business. And with 80 percent of his activity in residential work, he knows his performance touches the lives of ordinary people. 

“We believe in treating customers like ourselves,” he says. “With reliable equipment, we clear blockages faster, and spare customers unnecessary inconvenience.” 

That’s why he likes the power and reach of the Speedrooter 91. “It’s my workhorse,” Helt says. “Speedrooter means service with a capital S.” 

The latest version – Speedrooter 92 – can really take a beating. The durable design features a braced frame at key stress points, a drum-supported front and rear for longer bearing wear, and Flexicore cable – the industry standard for toughness. 

Heavy-duty wire tightly coiled around 49-strand aircraft-type wire rope, General’s Flexicore cable blends superior kinking resistance and unequalled strength with the right amount of flexibility. It’s so tough that it carries the best warranty in the business – one-year protection against breakage. 

User-friendly innovations boost productivity

Design enhancements make popular Speedrooter drain cleaners remarkably user-friendly. One person can easily load it onto a truck. The machine’s redesigned frame slides smoothly from the loading wheel to the handle to the stair climbers and finally to the wheels. The height-adjustable, swept-back handle also provides maximum maneuvering leverage. 

“It’s great for one-man operation,” Helt says. “I’m certainly not as young as I used to be, and I can handle the Speedrooter with no trouble.” 

Professionals like Helt also appreciate General’s variable-speed power cable feed. With raw driving and pulling power for long, tough jobs, the automatic feed drives 3/4-, 5/8- and 1/2-inch cables. To adjust for different cable sizes, simply turn the knob on top of the feed. 

Switch from 3/4- or 5/8-inch cables to a small drum with 1/2-inch cable to clear smaller lines. Both Speedrooter drums sport see-through inner cages to determine quickly how much cable remains. 

Helt pulls no punches when stressing his professional perspective. “I’m from the old school. We stand behind our work and expect the same from the tools we use.” 

His customers in Missouri appreciate that. And that’s why his General drain cleaning arsenal also includes the Mini-Rooter for smaller jobs – and he just added two innovative Kinetic Water Rams. The lightweight, compact device safely, quickly and cleanly clears clogged sinks, toilets and tubs with the power of compressed air. 

But the Speedrooter remains Helt’s personal favorite. “It’s so reliable and versatile,” he says. “I can just send the guys out and know we’ll get the job done.” 

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