Truck/Trailer/ Portable Jetters and Vacuums - Pneumatic vacuum unit

The pneumatic high-efficiency MV2000 Machine Vac from Guardair Corporation is designed for wet/dry cleaning applications. It quickly and effectively sucks up debris, metal chips, dirt, sawdust and fine materials, including powders and talc. It has a liquid shut-off and drum drain that allows it to vacuum liquids such as machine oils, lubricants and other fluids. The portable 5.5-gallon unit is powerful, lightweight and virtually maintenance-free with no moving parts to wear out. It has no electric motor to spark or burn out and no electrical cords. It includes a steel wall bracket for easy mounting, as well as 10 feet of standard vacuum hose with a 1 1/2-inch inlet. It runs at a quiet 86 dBA. 800/482-7324;


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