Product News - May 2020

Product News - May 2020

COXREELS industrial-duty LED lights for PC13 model
COXREELS’ new line of three industrial-duty LED lights for the PC13 (power cord) cord reels feature a variety of industrial-grade features and options, including a 50,000-hour rating, internal light diffusers and shatter-resistant polycarbonate lenses. COXREELS’ LED lights also feature adjustable steel hooks for hands-free placement. 800-269-7335;

CUES Lifter Plus II access cover tool remover
The CUES Lifter Plus II access cover tool remover can be rear- or front-mounted. The hydraulic tool can be used on conventional-sized covers and grates and for more challenging removal tasks. It is ideal for front-mounting on vacuum trucks; a connection to the vehicle battery is all that’s required. The cover removal tool is a quick solution for stuck-in-place covers and prevents workers from injury. 800-327-7791;

Reelcraft Industries REELSAFE controlled-return hose reels
The REELSAFE Series RS7000 controlled-return hose reels from Reelcraft Industries plays out like a traditional reel, though it is specifically engineered to retract the hose at an average walking speed. The centrifugal clutch, integral to the reel base, greatly decelerates the hose retraction speed by up to 83% versus a Series 7000 reel. 800-444-3134;

General Pipe Cleaner Speedrooter XL
The Speedrooter XL from General Pipe Cleaners clears tough clogs in 3- to 10-inch lines up to 200 feet. Now with easily interchangeable drums, the rugged, easy-to-maneuver Speedrooter XL sports a powerful 3/4 hp motor and 100-foot-capacity drums for Flexicore cable. To change drums to add cable lengths or swap cable sizes, loosen three knobs and remove the drum. Switch between 3/4- or 5/8-inch cables in the large drum design or substitute the small drum with 100 feet of 1/2-inch cable for smaller lines. The see-through inner cage lets you quickly gauge how much cable remains. The adjustable-height, swept-back handle provides maximum maneuvering leverage. The durable design features a braced frame at key stress points, as well as front and rear drum supports for longer bearing wear. 800-245-6200;

Southland Tool ST-PRO Cam video camera nozzle
The ST-PRO Cam video nozzle from Southland Tool provides exceptional and affordable 4K or 1080p viewing capabilities. The compact design features a waterproof camera case and zinc-plated body and thrust nozzle. It has a self-leveling GoPro camera and a rear 1-inch thrust nozzle with eight jets. Six- to 8-inch adjustable skids and nylon wheels up to 18 inches are available, and it has integrated Wi-Fi that is downloadable to a phone app. 714-632-8198;

Electric Eel eCAM Ace 100-Micro camera system
The compact eCAM Ace 100-Micro camera system from Electric Eel performs quick inspections in pipes ranging from 1 1/2 to 3 inches in diameter and up to 100 feet in length. The system comes equipped with a 512 Hz transmitter and a resettable, on-screen footage counter. The video is streamed directly to any mobile device, which can be used as a monitor. Audio and video can also be recorded to a mobile device. Files can be transferred via email or text or to the cloud. 800-833-1212;

RIDGID K9-306 drain cleaning machine
The K9-306 FlexShaft drain cleaning machine from RIDGID is designed to clean 3- to 6-inch-diameter drainlines up to 125 feet. It can clear blockages while inspecting with a camera simultaneously, completing two jobs at once. The K9-306 quickly clears grease buildup, roots and heavy scale in larger pipes. It features a 1.5 hp internal universal motor for maximum power and longevity; a fully enclosed drum to minimize setup and cleanup time; and a retractable handle with multiple wheels and grab points to make loading, unloading, transporting and storage easy. 800-769-7743;

Mohawk Lifts ML-220 two-post lift
The model ML-220 from Mohawk Lifts is a new 20,000-pound-capacity two-post lift. Designed with three-stage arms, the lift is designed for the lifting points of medium-duty work trucks or retracting to service short-wheelbase vehicles. With a direct-drive, all-hydraulic lifting system and no overhead cable covers, the ML-220 ensures it can fully lift high-profile vehicles. The lift includes full sets of truck adaptors for servicing all vehicles. 518-842-1413;

Milwaukee Tool PEX Crimp Jaws for F1807 and F2159 PEX
Milwaukee Tool’s new PEX Crimp Jaws are engineered to provide an easy-to-use solution for PEX crimp installations, eliminating the repetitive strain of other hand tool solutions. The jaws are equipped with spring-loaded opening grips for precise alignment to the fitting and a green-light completion indicator on the press tools. With an easy-open, in-line design, the jaws are compatible with F1807 and F2159 connections and will be available in 1/2- to 1 1/2-inch sizes for the M12 FORCE LOGIC press tools and 1/2- to 2-inch sizes for the M18 FORCE LOGIC press tools. 800-729-3878; 


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