Product Spotlight - February 2020

Product Spotlight - February 2020

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The small sewer nozzles on the market today are engineered to negotiate elbows and clean-outs commonly found in laterals at homes, buildings, restaurants and other light commercial facilities. These tools are most commonly used with small-capacity pumps and cart jetters, but as drain cleaners have adopted higher-flow pumps, they have requested small nozzles with matched flow capacity.

To meet these needs, StoneAge recently introduced a new version of its popular Warthog WT nozzle, updated with a 1/2-inch inlet option and an R-24 head engineered to increase the flow range up to 21 gpm. This configuration enables contractors to maximize use of their higher-flow pumps for more powerful cleaning while maintaining the small form factor of the WT for navigating pipe bends. It’s a product that meets the needs of drain cleaners in the field, according to Anne Brennan, Warthog dealer sales manager for StoneAge.

“It is a controlled-rotation nozzle that is slowed down enough to efficiently clean the interior of the pipe and that’s small enough to navigate through elbows easily,” she says.

“The WT-1/2 was designed with input from contractors and municipalities who told us that a small-size rotational nozzle was needed to advance from fixed nozzles.”

The high flow capacity of the WT-1/2 paired with the company’s WT 040-R24-C head allows contractors to utilize the full power of their pump to tackle the toughest jobs and achieve a higher rate of cleaning. The small-form factor of the WT is optimized for cleaning 3- to 6-inch pipes with elbows, enabling contractors to bid jobs and successfully clean small pipes with multiple bends that may be inaccessible with other tools. The nozzles are designed for long service life, and their modular construction means they are easily repairable in the field. Their carbide buttons protect the body and extend useful life up to five times longer than the company’s past models.

The nozzle’s slow, controlled rotation combined with high flow delivers optimal cleaning power for cutting roots or clearing tough deposits. “Despite its small size, it can handle grease and roots and serve as a mainline cleaner,” Brennan says. “It’s a great general-purpose nozzle for smaller lines. Our customers are excited they can now utilize the additional flow of their jetters.” 866-795-1586;


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