Business Diversification – Septic Pumping, Plumbing

Business Diversification – Septic Pumping, Plumbing

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Drain cleaning machine conquers tough root mass

Problem / A homeowner from Manistee, Michigan, called about a sewer line backup that resulted in water and sewage in the basement. Salmon Sewer & Plumbing responded, and the technician found an enormous volume of roots causing the blockage in the line. The roots were large and the clog was so bad that the technician knew it would be a difficult job.  

Solution / The technician knew the Spartan Tool Model 1065 drain cleaning machine was tough enough to conquer these roots. The unit has heavy-duty power for 3- to 10-inch lines up to 250 feet. The outer drum keeps dirt contained for customers’ peace of mind while the independently rotating inner drum prevents cable kinking and buckling, yet allows quick torque buildup. The Dial-A-Cable power feed allows for quick cable changes and feeds cable in and out automatically. 

Result / The technician pulled roots from the line both in the basement and the outside clean-out. Once the root mass was removed, the water receded and the line ran clean. “I’ve used many other machines in the past that never would have gotten this out of there, but the Spartan 1065 pulled it right out,” the technician says. “The right cable and machine really do make that much of a difference.” 800-435-3866;


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