Maintenance simplified with COXREELS dual hydraulic reels

Maintenance simplified with COXREELS dual hydraulic reels
Maintenance simplified with COXREELS dual hydraulic reels

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You’ve just finished a job using hydraulic equipment, whether that’s a hydraulic jack, shear, saw, drill, breaker or puller. Your preventative maintenance schedule calls for a full service of your work truck’s hose reel once you get back to the shop. But you ask yourself: Is it really worth the effort of detaching the entire reel from the truck, just to check something that’s probably fine?

It’s a dilemma that has become the bane of many a preventive maintenance plan — the age-old equation of time and effort versus benefit. It’s sometimes hard to see the upside of preventive maintenance when staring down the onerous tasks associated with many service industries.

But when it comes to hydraulic reels, that decision is made a lot easier thanks to COXREELS’ line of dual hydraulic reels.

The COXREELS design allows maintenance without removal of the reel from your truck.

“The decision to go with a dual swivel was based on COXREELS’ drive to provide the market with a highly serviceable product,” says John Kucera, design engineering manager for COXREELS. “The added benefits were saving space and easy installation.”

COXREELS offers two main types of dual hydraulic reels, spring rewind and A-frame-style motorized or hand-crank rewind reels. Their spring rewind reels are offered in two configurations: the MPD and TDMP series.

For capacities up to 30 feet of dual hose, the MPD Series features a dual-axle support system with a solid steel 1-inch axle. The TDMP Series is built for capacities up to 50 feet, with triple-axle support, dual arm guides and stainless steel hose guide rollers.

The dual hydraulic reels are manufactured in the U.S. and feature heavy-gauge steel construction, durable polyester powder coat, and rolled and ribbed discs.

“The TDMP and MPD reels have been around for over 10 years, but have recently been upgraded. Responding to feedback from the industry, we upgraded the connection ports from NPT to ORB (O-ring Boss Ports) on the inlet and outlet,” Kucera says. “Other internal changes to the swivel helped our assembly process to further improve the reliability of the swivel.

“All COXREELS’ dual hydraulic swivels are 100 percent tested on our custom-built testing machine, which we built at the request of one of our military contractor customers. The testing machine rotates the swivel while systematically varying the pressure during a full-flow test cycle to ensure dependability in a real-world application where failure is not an option.”

Another upgrade was switching the type of dual hose, from a banded hose design to dual joined hose, also known as “Siamese hose.”

The TDMP and MPD series are pedestal-mounted reels, available with twin hydraulic hose rated up to 3,000 psi in 3/8-inch I.D. and 2,500 psi in 1/2-inch I.D. The single-sided swivel design fits right in with the other service-oriented aspects of COXREELS spring rewind reels, such as a self-contained cartridge motor, external fluid path, and easy-to-remove swivels, all accessible from one side of the product, simplifying maintenance. 800/269-7335;


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