Hydroexcavation and Industrial Jet/Vac Services, Sewer Nozzles

Hydroexcavation and Industrial Jet/Vac Services, Sewer Nozzles
Pipe rehabilitation liners keep facility open during installation

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Compact jetter helps company overcome the hassle of city parking

Problem: Bob Oates Plumbing, Sewer and Rooter, located in Seattle, Washington, had regular issues working in urban areas with limited parking space.

Solution: The company began using the Brute Jetting System from JETTERS NORTHWEST to augment a fleet of the larger trailer jetters. “The Brute Jetting System allows me to pull up with one vehicle and eliminates the need to disconnect a trailer and park the service van elsewhere,” says Bob Oates. The unit may be mounted in a truck or van and produces 12 gpm at 3,000 psi.

Result: Oates is now able to “save on the initial costs of building a custom skid-mounted jetter and time on the job site.” 877/901-1936; www.jettersnorthwest.com.

Cutter removes roots from clogged clay sewer line

Problem: A camera inspection revealed that backups at a residence in Sarasota, Florida, were caused by heavy root intrusion in the line. Roots from nearby trees grew into the joints and cracks, blocking the flow. The pipes ran under hilly terrain from the home’s clean-out in the yard to the city sewer main. Not only were the pipes located a few feet below grass and trees in the customer’s yard, but also the neighbor’s yard.

Solution: Using the Nu Flow Micro-Cutter, Specialized Plumbing Technologies was able to clean more than 150 feet of 4-inch sewer pipe. The system rotates at approximately 2,000 rpm and will negotiate turns of 90 degrees in pipes down to 2 inches in diameter. It runs at 40 cfm and allows for multiple cutting heads to be attached.

Result: The company successfully cleaned the sewer line using existing access points, without the need to dig up the customer’s or the neighbor’s property. It then installed the Nu Drain Pull-in-Place structural liner to prevent future root intrusion. 905/433-5510; www.nuflowtechnologies.com.

Jetter pays for itself on first job

Problem: An 8-inch sewer line under a newly constructed road in North Carolina was installed without proper sequencing. Bret Reece and his team from RLT Construction surveyed the line, and realized that it was full of construction debris.

Solution: Reece brought in his Warrior trailer jetter from Spartan Tool to clear the line. Using the jetter, he was able to clean the whole line, which included half a mile of “road junk,” including stones, dirt and chunks of concrete. Spartan trailer and skid-mount jetters can be used in pipe sizes starting at 3 inches with the Model 738 to 36 inches with the high-flow Ultimate Warrior.

Result: Once he cleared the line, Reece sent pictures of the clear line to the state department, highway department and water department.. They were all pleased with the results. “With this one job, the Spartan Warrior paid for itself,” he says. 800/435-3866; www.spartantool.com.


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