Epoxy Pipe Liner Offers High Temperature, Chemical Resistance

Epoxy Pipe Liner Offers High Temperature, Chemical Resistance
High-temperature, chemical-resistant epoxy (RN750NP)

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High-temperature, chemical-resistant epoxy (RN750NP) for pipe lining from Nu Flow Technologies can reach a maximum temperature of 210 degrees F, has a strong chemical resistance, and is 50 percent stronger and cures twice as fast as Nu Flow's standard epoxy.

Designed for use in pipes from 1/2 to 12 inches in diameter, the ambient-cured epoxy is blown through the pipe using compressed air, similar to Nu Flow's lining system for potable water.

"It goes on fairly thin, from 8 to 10 mils (thick)," says Bob Fowle, chemist with Nu Flow. Applications include heat exchangers, mining and the pulp and paper industry. Relined pipes can be put into service after approximately 24 hours.

Sold in 5-gallon containers, the epoxy is weighed on site and mixed in a 2:1 ratio. A 200-foot section of 4-inch line might require 3 to 4 gallons.

"You have about 15 to 20 minutes to get it into the line, but the air will push it through the line for about an hour," he says. The application is complete when excess epoxy exits at the open end of the line.

The coating is not suitable for potable drinking water or European pipe systems. 800/834-9597; www.nuflowtech.com.


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