Mainline Sewer Inspection

Mainline Sewer Inspection

Component camera system

The Quick View camera system from Amazing Machinery is equipped with a commercial grade camera head and cable. The unit has a 7-inch flat-screen LCD in an ABS case, and records to an SD card. The high-quality color camera head is 1 3/8 inch in diameter and has a built-in 512 Hz sonde transmitter. The stainless steel camera body with sapphire lens makes the head durable. The camera head is waterproof to 500 feet, and equipped with 10 white LEDs, a dimmer control and an 11-inch steel spring loader.

The system has a 130-foot-long, 3/8-inch super slick push cable, with a 20-inch lay-flat storage reel. The component-based system allows the user to change the camera head, recorder or monitor if it is damaged. 800/504-7435;

Steerable tractor

The Pathfinder XL tractor from Aries Industries has a six-wheel steerable drive system that allows it to drive over obstructions and offset joints. Tires range from the standard 3 3/8-inch for lined 8-inch pipe to 10-inch tires with bolt-on gear-reduction side plates for 36-inch and larger pipes. The tractor can be converted to tread-track drive.

With the remote-operated camera lift in the down position, the unit can navigate 8-inch lined pipe. With 9 inches of lift, the operator can center the camera in the pipe or raise the camera above the waterline. Additional features include a tip-up connector with integral rear-viewing camera and LED lights, sealed and pressurized electronics cavities, on-screen diagnostics, brushless DC drive motors with temperature sensors, and permanently lubricated drive gears. The tractor has a built-in 512 Hz sonde beacon, and optional auxiliary lights can illuminate large-diameter pipes. 800/234-7205;

Camera/crawler unit

The Cobra V10 C310 camera from Cobra Technologies is a short pan, tilt and zoom camera and 6-inch crawler combination for relined 6-inch pipe. Used with the Cobra C601 crawler, the camera can operate in relined 6- through 24-inch pipes. The 18-inch-long camera/crawler unit provides a compact assembly to avoid protruding laterals.

The stainless steel camera features an automatic iris, focus, zoom and Luxeon lighting modules capable of lighting 36-inch-diameter pipe. The lighting operates on the camera power supply, eliminating the need for light head controls. The rotate and pan are capable of 360-degree continuous rotation. High-traction carbide wheels are available. Wheels can be added using a single point connection allowing for quick change for pipe sizes through 24 inches. The unit can be installed on any multi-conductor system. The camera can be used with any of the Cobra crawlers and is available with a conventional 3-inch body for use on industry standard multi-conductor systems. 800/443-3761;

Vehicle-mounted systems

Truck-, van-, ATV- or trailer-mounted systems from CUES can include TV inspection equipment for sanitary and storm sewer lines, laser and sonar pipe profiling systems, mainline joint and lateral sealing, and lateral reinstatement cutters for the relining industry. Equipment can be ergonomically mounted to inspect 6- to 200-inch mainlines and 3- to 8-inch laterals. Interior, cabinets, equipment and mounting configurations can be customized.

Truck- and trailer-mounted grout rehabilitation systems are also available for mainline, manhole and lateral joint sealing and can be equipped with the latest CCTV equipment and decision-support software for television inspection with documented condition assessment. All systems can be configured to run urethane, acrylimide and acrylate grouts. Systems can be mounted in a dry freight box for export. Grout packers are available for mainline and lateral sealing. CUES Granite XP software is available to integrate data with enterprise asset management systems. 800/327-7791;

Modular inspection

The EasyCAM III inspection camera from EasyCAM offers modular components for easy service. Features include a steerable color camera head, the choice of 150 or 200 feet of HYTREL pushrod, 512 Hz transmitter,
on-screen digital footage counter, 8-inch LCD daylight readable monitor, voice over, anodized aluminum frame, 12-volt cordless operation, custom lift/centering kit and onboard lighting for night work. The camera also offers SD card recording and can invert pictures 180 degrees. A second RCA video jack is available to use with any off-the-shelf monitor, laptop or TV video goggles. 239/260-2056;

Pipeline inspection system

The eCAM Pro 2 pipeline inspection camera system from Electric Eel Mfg. inspects 3- to 10-inch-diameter pipes and locates a variety of pipeline problems. It includes a stainless steel-housed 1.68-inch-diameter self-leveling color camera with sapphire lens, 20 LED light ring and high-resolution CCD element. A flexible camera spring navigates 3-inch P-traps. The camera features a 10.4-inch daylight readable display with an on-screen footage counter, 16 pages of text writing with memory saves, and click-touch controls with one-touch recording.

Users can record directly to a USB flash drive and rename files on the flash drive after recording. Other features include built-in voice over recording, audio/video out jacks, 8X zoom function, adjustable light controls, and two-hour battery with built-in charger. The unit comes standard with 200 feet of Kevlar-braided 1/2-inch-diameter pushrod (available with 300 feet of pushrod) and powder-coated steel tube and bar construction with secure-locking reel brake. It rolls on 8-inch wheels for easy maneuverability. 800/833-1212;

Camera carriage

The bolt-on carriage for Envirosight's ROVVER X raises the crawler, expands its wheelbase and gives it ground clearance. The carriage attaches in seconds and accepts all ROVVER wheels, as well as two pneumatic wheel options. When used in tandem with the system's remote camera lift accessory, the carriage gives the camera an overall inspection capability of 6 to 72 inches, plus the ability for centered viewing in most common pipe sizes 24 inches and larger.

The carriage elevates the crawler 4.4 inches or more with pneumatic wheels. It lengthens the crawler's wheelbase 75 percent, widens it 150 percent, and offers 7 3/4 inches of ground clearance. The camera's ultrapowerful motors and efficient gear train allow it to pivot in place and easily pull the full length of its 1,000-foot cable. The carriage is available with two large pneumatic wheel sets. One style measures 10.4 inches in diameter by 3.8 inches wide and has knobby tread suited for deep silt and debris. The other style measures 8.4 inches in diameter by 2.2 inches wide and has less aggressive tread. 866/936-8476;

Electronic meter inspection

The FB-PIC3388M inspection camera system from Forbest Products comes with a 10-inch control station with DVD recorder, 195 feet of 3/8-inch cable and an 18-inch reel with a self-leveling color camera that can be upgraded to include a 512 Hz built-in transmitter. With an electronic meter counter installed on the reel, the system can indicate on the screen the length of cable pulled out. It can also be used as a wireless inspection system when working with the company's wireless transmitter/receiver. Via Forbest Wi-Fi mini processor, the system can be networked with Internet and the photos captured by the camera can be viewed live from computers worldwide. 650/757-4786;

Basic inspection

The MY30 basic mainline inspection system from MyTana Mfg. Company includes 200 feet of pushrod, a black-and-white camera head, the all-digital DCB12 control box, and the AccuStic 512 locator. All camera heads include a 512 Hz transmitter for locating problems found during inspection. 800/328-8170;

Laser module

The WinCan laser module from Pipeline Analytics captures geometric information to verify proper pipe installation, plan relining projects, determine remaining pipe life, monitor erosion/corrosion and analyze partial collapses. It accepts standard and HD video and links collected data to the asset being inspected for easy recall from a section view or GIS entity. The module works with most laser profiling hardware, capturing data in one of three modes.

In parallel laser mode, a properly equipped camera aims its parallel lasers perpendicular to a pipe wall, then rotates 360 degrees. Video is analyzed to determine pipe diameter and deformation at that location. In ring mode, a laser ring pattern is extracted frame by frame from crawler video to trend a pipe's diameter and deformation over its full length. This data is readily converted to a solid model, ovality graph or color plot. In scanning mode, a ring pattern is interpolated from the laser dots cast by a properly equipped side-scan camera. The readings are trended frame-to-frame, yielding diameter and deformation data that can be converted to a solid model, ovality graph or color plot. 877/626-8386;

GIS mapping

The GIS module from PipeLogix allows users to create a map of assets from existing survey work. Once the GPS coordinates are added to the survey data with the "Get GPS" tool, users can export new or existing pipes to update or create a map. The tool can be used to import the coordinates from a GPS unit that is connected to a computer, or information can be manually entered by copying and pasting from other forms.

The system makes exporting pipeline inspection survey conditions and displaying them on maps with correlated exact footage easy. Users choose the condition export needed (shape file, personal geodatabase, enterprise geodatabase, and file geodatabase are all supported), map the fields and export. Once added to the ArcMap and using the toolbar, users can select the condition and open the video file to view it. 866/299-3150;

CCTV video share

WinView 2.1 software from PURE Software Solutions enables CCTV operators to invite project specific individuals to view the video stream
directly from the CCTV equipment via the Internet and secure connection. Video also can be saved to a remote location for future analysis.
Unlimited 3G/4G broadband wireless cards are available. 303/867-1414;

Inspection robot

The LISY 3 lateral launch inspection and cleaning robot from RapidView IBAK North America can travel 500 feet up the mainline sewer, inserting a pan-and-tilt camera and then inspecting as much as 100 feet up the lateral line. The cleaning accessory package enables users to clean and inspect laterals from the mainline in the same operation. 800/656-4225;

Portable inspection

The Pan n' Tilt push camera from Ratech Electronics is a portable
inspection system for pipes and drains as small as 3 inches in diameter. Users can choose the type of camera to use with the push system: black and white, color, self-leveling, micro or pan n' tilt. The camera can be retrofitted to the company's existing systems or as a stand-alone unit. It rotates 330 degrees vertically and 220 degrees horizontally. The cost-efficient unit is adaptable to the company's Jet Cam.

Combining the camera with one of the company's control units, such as the Elite SD, gives recording capability using SD/USB drive and allows MPEG video capture and JPEG image capture. Also included is an on-screen display overlay system providing electronic distance counter, time, date and eight pages of memory for listing problems and displaying of company information. Standard 200-foot gelrod cable is included. 800/461-9200;

Three-in-one system

The KS135 scan from Rausch Electronics USA is a three-in-one system. The CCTV camera features two integrated laser diodes on either side of the pan-and-tilt camera head so it can perform laser profiling, crack measurement and mainline pipe inspections. On the way into the pipe, the system performs conventional TV inspection and measures all joint widths.

Individual measurements can be taken at any time for determining the actual pipe diameter and deflection. Those measurements then become part of the inspection report. On the way out of the pipe, the system performs a laser scan of the entire pipe length. The camera head swivels perpendicular to the pipe wall and rotates at a defined speed. The scan software continuously calculates the exact pipe diameter and all deflections via triangulation. Once the run is completed, the software generates a graph in 2D and 3D, showing any deflection and the average pipe diameter. 717/709-1005;

Compact inspection

The CUBE from RS Technical Services is a compact, all-inclusive mainline system that offers all the inspection capabilities found in vehicle-mounted systems. It provides portability and transport flexibility and is well suited for easement work or for users needing a full mainline system in a free-standing, highly mobile format.

Housed in quarter-inch, powder-coated, glare-resistant aluminum, the system has forklift access in the front and rear along with stainless steel lift and tie-down hooks for easy handling and storage. The system is designed to fit on an ATV or in the bed of a pickup truck. It can be configured to operate any of the company's mainline cameras and transporters with up to 1,500 feet of cable for inspections in lines 6 inches in diameter and larger. Everything is self-contained, including an onboard generator, two 500-pound capacity storage drawers and a front-access 9-gallon pressurized washdown system. An optional rack mount or laptop computer with a choice of data collection software is available. 800/767-1974;

Touch camera system

The PROvision touch camera system from Spartan Tool provides all controls on the touchscreen monitor. The system features a self-leveling camera head, 512 Hz beacon, and a fully daylight visible 15-inch screen. All video is recorded to a thumb drive, allowing operators to give customers a copy. The telestrator allows users to circle drain problems right on the screen, or a QWERTY keyboard can be brought up. 800/435-3866;

Steerable crawler

The Model 636S 6-inch steerable crawler from TV Ferret employs full differential steering, allowing it to rotate about its own axis. The main crawler body is a one-piece mono-tube stainless steel O-ring sealed structure, forming the basis for the streamlined, submersible design. The easy-to-control crawler has a stainless steel articulating cable receptor to alleviate stress on the main cable for longer cable life and is designed for quick, easy connection without any tools.

The tracks are one-piece continuous loops and are made of reinforced urethane. The solid, paddle tracks obtain maximum traction in the worst conditions and do not bind when in loose grit. For inspecting pipe up to 36 inches, the easy-to-use, modular lift wheel system attaches to the outside of the crawler, without having to remove the tracks. The pan-and-tilt camera head contains a high-resolution camera and ultrabright LEDs for illuminating tough environments. Options include industry standard 512 Hz locating sonde, rear-viewing backup camera, internal pressure monitor, pan-tilt-zoom camera, and high-traction lift wheels. 518/399-2211;

Fully equipped inspection

The Type-P inspection system from Vivax-Metrotech is a fully equipped system with a choice of two interchangeable camera heads. The reel comes with 400 feet of 12 mm Kevlar reinforced pushrod. The 1.8-inch D46 self-leveling camera is for 4- to 8-inch pipes and a smaller 1.3-inch D33 self-
leveling camera is for 3- to 4-inch pipes. The Type-B skid with light kit expands inspection range up to 15 inches. The system is fitted with field serviceable termination and dual-frequency locatable sonde.

The system includes a modular control module with 8-inch color LCD, dual-frequency transmitting sonde, digital recording to the internal hard drive or SD card, full-function keyboard, internal microphone, AC/DC power,
rechargeable batteries, USB interface, distance counter and camera LED brightness control. The vCam design makes it field serviceable if a problem should arise. 800/446-3392;

Dual camera heads

The VIS 340 Plus inspection camera system from Wohler USA features dual camera heads. It comes with a 1 1/2-inch, 360-degree pan and 180-
degree tilt camera head, and a 1-inch, straight camera head. Both camera heads are waterproof and come with brilliant LED lights. The system can be used to analyze defects in water pipes and inspect ducts, welding seams, gaskets and manholes. It includes a TFT color monitor and moves easily around 90-degree bends. The system's digital distance measurement feature can pinpoint the exact location of trouble spots. Users can record, save and replay inspections for customers on a laptop. The system comes in a tough, self-contained carrying case. 978/766-2956;


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