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January Product News

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The SeeSnake nanoReel N85S industrial inspection camera system from RIDGID is made for ultrasmall diameter lines, ranging from 3/4 to 2 inches. The 9 1/2-pound system can make tight turns and push up to 85 feet of cable to inspect boiler tubes, supply lines and sprinkler systems. The drum cartridge can be removed from the housing assembly and exchanged with optional drums to fit specific applications. The inspection system can be used with all SeeSnake monitors and recorder options as well as the microEXPLORER digital inspection camera. 800/769-7743; www.ridgid.com; Expo booth 8000.



The Omnivac series of vacuum trucks from Wastequip’s Cusco features a complete baghouse and air cannon pulsation cleaning system. Other features include a secondary system that uses an air-cooled 360 cfm vacuum pump. It also provides a smaller, more efficient source of vacuum for applications that do not require the full 1,400 cfm capability or where blower operations are restricted. The unit has five operating modes: 1,400 cfm wet mode in both vacuum and pressure, 1,400 cfm dry mode in vacuum and 360 cfm industrial mode in both pressure and vacuum. 877/468-9278; www.wastequip.com; Expo booth 2025.



The self-contained mobile dewatering truck from ABCO Industries Ltd. conditions incoming municipal and industrial sludge with a polymer, while the onboard filter system separates solids and liquids. Solids are stored in a holding tank on the truck and the liquid filtrate is returned for on-site treatment. Solids can be disposed of at an approved composting or land-application area. Options include a high-pressure jetting system for tank cleanout. 866/634-8821l; www.abco.ca; Expo booth 2140.



The 1-inch, heavy-duty Piave flat nozzle from Jetter Depot, American distributor for Nuova Contec nozzles, is designed for cleaning 12- to 40-inch floor pipe. The 45-pound nozzle has six rear ceramic jets at 10-, 20- and 30-degree angles for removing sand, sludge, and debris. The nozzles, also available in 1/2-inch size, feature a rotary swivel for balance inside the pipe. 678/549-2621; www.jetterdepot.com; Expo booth 136.


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