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September Product News
AIT Introduces SnakeScope Inspection Camera

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NLB Introduces VertaJet Surface Preparation System

The handheld VertaJet SRT-6LT surface preparation system from NLB Corp. needs no air connection to rotate its 40,000 psi waterjets. The 20-pound unit removes paint, epoxies and other coatings. Multiple jets rotating at 3,000 rpm create a 6-inch cleaning path. The system uses no abrasives and has vacuum recovery to contain water and debris. Maximum flow is 6 gpm. 248/624-5555;


SPIR STAR Offers Blast-Pro Flex Lances

Blast-Pro flex lances from SPIR STAR have a larger inner diameter hose with a smaller outer diameter and shorter end fitting. The lance has a sleeve length 50 percent shorter than conventional flex lances and increases the maximum outer diameter of the flex lance by only 0.04 inches so users can clean smaller tubes and pipes with a larger inner diameter hose. 800/890-7827;


Gateway Offers Swap Safety Eyewear

Swap safety eyewear from Gateway Safety can be switched from spectacle to goggle by exchanging the temples and head strap with a simple snap. The frame is lined with soft, smooth foam that blocks dust and debris. Venting channels minimize fogging and help maintain a clear field of vision through a one-piece polycarbonate lens. The two-color temples are rubberized for comfort and the head strap is fully adjustable to fit any size head. The eyewear meets ANSI Z87.1+ and CSA Z94.3 standards and offers 99.9 percent UVA, UVB and UVC protection. Lenses are available in different colors and coatings for use in indoor or outdoor situations. 800/822-5347;


Mainline Offers Adapt-a-Valve Inspection Chamber

The Adapt-a-Valve inspection chamber from Mainline Backflow Products can be used as an inspection chamber, extendible backwater valve or to pressure test or isolate the lateral. The body of the inspection chamber has a molded slot designed to accept the backwater valve gate or test/isolation gate. Made for 4-inch laterals, the chamber has an 8-inch riser and directional arrow embossed inside the fitting that can be used for color coding to ensure there are no cross connections between sewer and sanitary laterals. The inspection chamber also has a stabilization sleeve on the bottom that allows a 1/2-inch pipe or rebar to aid in the stabilizing of the chamber during backfill. 877/734-8691;


Bell & Gossett Introduces i-ALERT Pump Monitor

The i-ALERT condition monitor from Bell & Gossett provides an early warning of pending pump trouble. The monitor continually measures the vibration and temperature at the pump power end and uses two red blinking LEDs to alert personnel when the pump exceeds preset vibration and temperature limits. The monitor also has a single green LED that indicates when the monitor is operational and has sufficient battery life. 847/966-3700;


AIT Introduces SnakeScope Inspection Camera

The SnakeScope Video Borescope inspection camera from Advanced Inspection Technologies can inspect pipes, behind walls, ducts and other difficult-to-reach areas up to 10 feet away. The handheld camera can snake through areas as small as 0.216 inches. Features include three different diameters, various lengths and high-resolution 720 x 525 pixel images. The camera is water resistant, has a flexible gooseneck shaft for viewing around corners and four adjustable LED lights. Still images and video can be recorded on the removable SD memory card. The camera operates 4-6 hours on standard AA batteries. 321/610-8977;


RIDGID Introduces TC-40 Pipe Cutter

The TC-40 plastic pipe and tube cutter from RIDGID is designed for cutting polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP), PEX, rubber hose, PVC and CPVC up to 1 5/8 inches outside diameter. A 75-watt motor drives the pointed X-CEL blade, providing a square, precise cut in four seconds. The pushbutton blade release allows for quick repeat cuts. The pipe cutter is powered by a detachable 12-volt lithium-ion battery for up to 250 cuts per charge. The 2.5-pound cutter features an ergonomic pistol grip and LED light at the front of the tool. 800/769-7743;


Tommy Gate Introduces Cantilever Series

The Cantilever Series hydraulic lift from Tommy Gate is designed for commercial panel vans, including the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, Nissan NV and Chevy Express. Features include bolt-on installation, corrosion-resistant aluminum and pallet-jack compatible platform. 800/543-8428;


Techspray Introduces Eco-Stencil Cleaner

Eco-Stencil AQ batch stencil cleaner from Techspray is designed for ultrasonic and spray-in air systems. It removes solder paste and uncured adhesives from stencils and misprinted boards. The water-based cleaner is compliant with CARB (California Air Resource Board) requirements, European REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorization & Restriction of Chemicals) and WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive) initiatives. It does not contain RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) restricted substances, SVHC (Substances of Very High Concern) list substances or halides. 800/858-4043;


US Radar Offers Penetrating Radar System

The Seeker SPR self-contained, subsurface, penetrating radar system from US Radar can infiltrate soil, clay, concrete and brick. The portable imaging system transmits energy pulses and displays an image of the subsurface on the operator interface. Parameters include soil settings, algorithms and color palette that can be set via the touch screen. The system also can be set to focus on a particular depth range. Five interchangeable antenna frequency options are available. The highest resolution option, 2,000 MHz, can detect in depths up to 1 1/2 feet and see fine wire and cracks in concrete. At a lower resolution, the 1,000 MHz detects slightly larger objects, including rebar and wire mesh in depths up to 3 1/2 feet. The 500 MHz option can detect objects up to 14 feet, while the 25 MHz and 100 MHz options can see up to 30 and 100 feet, respectively. 732/566-2035;


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