Mud Dog 650 Hydroexcavator Made for Confined Settings

Mud Dog 650 Hydroexcavator Made for Confined Settings

The Mud Dog 650 hydroexcavator from Super Products is designed for easy maneuverability and safe, effective digging in confined settings and hard-to-reach locations.

The unit carries a 6.5-cubic-yard debris body, 500 gallons of water capacity, a 2,500 psi/10 gpm water system, and a positive displacement vacuum system delivering airflow of 3,600 cfm/18 inches Hg.

Tailored for the urban and suburban landscape where tandem-axle units might be out of place, the unit also is suited for industrial service work and enables contractors to support cities, utilities and pipeline contractors who don’t need a large hydroexcavator, says Jeff Steinbach, vice president of sales and marketing.

“Directional drillers doing utility work want units of this size to clean up spoil and slurry,” he says. “This truck is tailored for the task by not being too large to maneuver in congested work areas, yet large enough to get the job done.” Ease of movement also makes it suited for utility locates, daylighting, excavating for pole placements and small-scale trenching.

Other features include curbside and front water fill with top street-side crossover, hose reel with 50-foot (1/2-inch) hose capacity, 465,000 Btu/hour water heater, winter recirculation, antifreeze system and PSI gauge.

The vacuum system has a tapered cyclone, externally mounted separator with cleanout door, and a relief vent door that can be opened and closed from the operator control station or by using a wireless pendant. The 8-foot telescoping boom with 270-degree rotation has a 15- to 23-foot reach. The debris body has dual float balls, curbside dump controls, hydraulic tailgate with splash shield, and internal body flushout system.

A single-engine design lowers fuel costs and maintenance, while the curbside control panel’s simple setup makes it easy to use even for new operators. “One of the things we heard loud and clear from our contractor customers was, ‘Make it technologically advanced enough to perform productively, but don’t prevent us from creating our own productivity,’” Steinbach says.

“‘Keep it simple and flexible. Don’t over-design it to the point that we lose the ability to use the tricks of the trade we’ve learned over the years.’ So we made sure to deliver that balance.”

Accessories include stainless steel fenders, LED light package, two aluminum diamond-plate tool boxes, and safety cone holder. 800/837-9711;, Expo booth 1054.


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