Camera Performs Simultaneous Mainline, Lateral Inspections

Camera Performs Simultaneous Mainline, Lateral Inspections

The PE3600 pan-and-tilt camera from Aries Industries can be mounted on a Pathfinder tractor, Seeker push cable inspection system, or Lateral Evaluation Television System (LETS), or can be directly mounted to an inspection cable for skidding.

Designed for 3- to 24-inch lines, the color camera with LED light source continuously rotates in any direction, offering a 360-degree dual-axis view of the pipe or lateral. Smart Upright Home circuitry returns the camera to the pre-defined home position. The camera also has two wipers that clean the lens and lights as it rotates.

“The spherical design of the camera is not only extremely durable, it’s also very slippery,” says George Rada, senior product manager. “That allows it to slide over offsets and debris in the pipe.”

On the Seeker, an optional wireless key fob operates the camera’s pan/tilt and rotation movements, manual focus, built-in 512 Hz beacon, and home feature. The camera also has a built-in transmitter for locating its position in the line. When mounted to the Seeker, the push cable can be energized, enabling the user to trace the entire line. 800/234-7205;


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