Product News - October 2010

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Product News - October 2010

Schier Introduces Skiff Skimmer Oil/Water Separator

The Skiff Skimmer oil/water separator from Schier Products is designed to help clean up the Gulf waters. Made from high-density polyethylene, the skimmer will fit an 8-foot by 8-foot footprint. It has a fully closed top with 15-inch access way. Other features include built-in clear PVC sight glass, bottom drain valve and hold-down brackets to anchor the tank in a boat. 800/827-7119;

Reelcraft Introduces Twin Mobile Base Reel

The 9000 Series mobile base hose reel from Reelcraft Industries is designed to accommodate longer lengths of twin hydraulic hose. Featuring a heavy gauge base, the reels are made for truck-mount applications, but also can be floor, ceiling or wall mounted. 800/444-3134;

Polylok Offers Poly-Cleanse Waste Digestant

Poly-Cleanse waste digestant from Polylok is a blend of bacteria designed to attack organic waste, including grease, toilet paper and soap scum buildup. The digestant is available in liquid or powder and can be used in septic systems, cesspools, ATUs, drainfields, drains, grease traps, lift stations, sludge ponds and sewers. 888/765-9565;

Under Pressure Systems Introduces X, Z Nozzle Series

The CAD-designed X and Z series nozzles from Under Pressure Systems feature an “X” pattern for center out and wall material removal and a “Z” pattern for center and wall material cleaning. Both nozzles are available in sizes beginning at 0.687 inches O.D. and have 60,000 psi maximum allowable working pressure. 330/602-4466;

Triple R Introduces Hydrostatic Test Pump

The HT-454 hydrostatic test pump from Triple R Specialty delivers up to 4.5 gpm and 400 psi. The pump comes in a protective steel case and includes 5-foot inlet hose with filter, 10-foot hp outlet hose with built-in check valve and pressure gauge. 800/356-9661;

General Introduces Gen-Eye POD, MINI-POD

The Gen-Eye POD and MINI-POD video inspection systems from General Pipe Cleaners combine camera, reel and monitor in one package. Features include a 5.6-inch LCD color monitor with padded case. The full-size Gen-Eye POD has a self-leveling camera and 200 feet of Gel-Rod for troubleshooting 3- to 10-inch lines. The MINI-POD carries 125 or 175 feet of pushrod and can troubleshoot 2- to 4-inch lines. A video-out connection enables users to record on an external device. Other features include a picture inverter, AC and DC power cords, LED dimmer control, 3-inch trap skid and 512 Hz transmitter (optional with MINI-POD). 800/245-6200;

Coxreels Offers Wand Holder for 1125 Series

A wand holder has been added to the 1125 Series hand-crank and motorized reels from Coxreels. The aluminum holder has a black powder finish and measures 24 inches long with a 1.6-inch diameter. It can be mounted on all four reel locations, including the left, right, front and rear sides of the A-frame base. 800/269-7335;

Ameron Offers T-Lock, T-Hab Sheet Lining System

The T-Lock PVC sheet lining system from Ameron Protective Linings Division is made to protect concrete sewer infrastructure from the damaging effects of hydrogen sulfide and other sewer gases. The T-Hab system uses T-Lock technology to rehabilitate 72-inch and larger diameter sewer tunnels. 936/321-1159;

Fluid Imaging Introduces Image Analysis and Camera

FlowCAM instrumentation models from Fluid Imaging Technologies feature VisualSpreadsheet V2.4 particle image analysis software and high-resolution camera. Pre-loaded on the FlowCAM bench top, portable, submersible, V-1000 and Birefringent XPL models, the software and hardware combination increases FlowCAM’s particle and microorganism imaging capabilities by 50 percent. 207/846-6100;

Flow International Introduces FlowTeach Digitizing System

The FlowTeach digitizing system from Flow International is designed to capture patterns, templates or parts that need to be recreated and sent to a cutting shop rather than a dimensional drawing. The software is available for all Flow Mach series waterjets and can be retrofitted onto most Legacy Flow systems. 253/850-3500;

Envirosight Introduces QuickView 3.6 Zoom Survey Camera

The QuickView 3.6 zoom survey camera from Envirosight is designed to inspect 400 feet down line in pipes 6 to 60 inches in diameter. Featuring Haloptic illumination technology that reduces system power needs by 50 percent over previous models, the system has a built-in wide-angle camera that can inspect manholes and other close-up targets. A flip of a switch on the control box toggles between zoom and manhole modes. The camera head also tilts 180 degrees for greater viewing. 866/936-8476;


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