Product News - September 2010

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Product News - September 2010

RIDGID Offers Tailpiece Extension Cutter

The P-TEC 2550 tailpiece extension cutter from RIDGID makes a lean, fast and straight cut with one tool on polyethylene, polypropylene and thin-walled PVC plastic used in sink drain extensions and tailpieces. The tool provides an auto-feed cutter for 1 1/2- and 1 1/4-inch outer diameters. The automatic deburring feature eliminates the need for a second tool and produces a fine strand of plastic rather than fuzz around the cut. The automatic beveling feature allows for the assembly of slip joints and kits for immediate joining to other sink drain pieces. The easy-view window ensures straight cuts on a measured and marked pipe. 800/769-7743;

TV Ferret Offers Snake Eye Camera System

The Snake Eye mini pushrod camera system from TV Ferret features a stainless steel frame with 200 feet of Kevlar reinforced multi-conductor push cable. The unit comes with a 10.4-inch color LCD monitor, DVR, onscreen footage counter and built-in microphone housed in a durable, briefcase style console. The 3-inch long by 1.4-inch wide O.D. camera has a 0.5 lux low-light sensitivity rating, variable high-intensity LED light and comes with a self-charging power source. 518/399-2211;

NLB Introduces New Family of Rotating Line Moles

NLB’s family of rotating line moles are made to clean the inside of tubes from 0.5 to 1.5 inches in diameter, including around bends. The nozzles offer operating pressures of 10,000 or 20,000 psi and come with left- or right-hand threads and wrench flats for easy attachment to a flex or rigid lance. Featuring self-lubrication for reduced wear, parts can be replaced in the field in minutes using the rebuild kit. 248/624-5555;

IPS Introduces Test-Tite Mechanical Cleanout Plug

The Test-Tite mechanical cleanout test plug from IPS Corp. is made for quick testing of plumbing drains, waste and vent systems without tools, compressors, pumps, hoses or gauges. The plug can be used to test pressure or temporarily block DWV systems for up to 40 vertical feet of pipe. Features include an expandable rubber gasket compressed between two plastic plates for an air- and water-tight seal. Additional features include a clear cap that enables the user to monitor test media, ensuring that drainage is complete prior to releasing the plug. Made of nylon-reinforced plastic, the plug is available for 2-, 3- and 4-inch pipe. 800/888-8312;

Miller Pipeline Offers WEKO-SEAL

WEKO-SEAL from Miller Pipeline Corp. is made to repair leaking joints in 14- through 216-inch pipe. The flexible rubber leak clamp provides a non-corrodible, bottle-tight seal around the full inside circumference of the pipe joint. The lip seal creates a leak-proof fit on either side of the joint and can be installed on an array of pipeline configurations. 317/293-0278;

Zistos Offers Video Zoom Camera Pole

The self-illuminated color zoom camera (10:1 optical plus digital zoom) from Zistos Corp. is designed to safely inspect difficult-to-reach or potentially dangerous areas. The camera is mounted to a telescoping pole, displaying video on a 5-inch LCD monitor. Cameras and extension poles are submersible. The unit is packaged in a foam-filled hard case. A dual-mode thermal camera is available. 631/434-1370;

PrimeLine Offers No-Kit Point Repair Materials

Sectional point repair materials, including ambient cure resin, point repair carriers, fiberglass cloth and air pushrods, are available from PrimeLine Products. Materials are available “cafeteria” style, eliminating the need to purchase a kit. Accessories, including lay flat tubing and fasteners, also are available, along with training on installation. 877/409-7888;

Mr. Manhole Introduces Chimney Repair Package

The Six Shooter cutter/extractor and Easy Slope level tool from Mr. Manhole are designed to cut, remove and replace the frame and surrounding road material in the repair of manhole chimneys. The level is used to place the manhole frame even with the height and slope of the road. Sealants create a waterproof, vacuum testable permanent structure. Ready-mixed concrete is poured and dyed black to match the asphalt and complete the repair. 419/229-3015;

StoneAge Introduces VE 900 Safety Device

The VE 900 flex lance safety device from StoneAge is made for high-pressure hose operations. Designed to operate in both the vertical and horizontal position, the assembly can be attached to the tube face in various positions and offers a variety of hose colletts, making the device adaptable to different cleaning applications. The unit positions the flex lance manually from tube to tube and locks in place when the handles are released. The stainless steel VE 70000 also is available. Different sized collars are stored in the extension arm for quick access. Two ergonomic handles lock the unit in place. 866/795-1586;


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