FORD E450 LATERAL CAMERA VAN 2021 Mileage: 9805 Included Equipment: Front-mounted pan and tilt / zoom camera (40:1 optical/digital zoom): Completes mainline inspection and monitors lateral camera. In viewing room there is 3 monitors w/ a wireless keyboard and mouse connected and programmed to Cues system to operate the equipment. Equipment room mounted LED flat-screen monitor for rear operator viewing and intercom system for communication between the Viewing and Equipment rooms. Lockable storage drawer in rear kick plate with cable notch for camera/transporter setup. 20 gallon wash down system and retractable water hose reel for equipment cleanup. Sink/faucet for operator cleanup. Contact: Brent Hess 419-860-2968 Price: $250,000.00 USD (C09)


Location St.Mary, OH