Prevent Animals from Invading Through Toilets

Prevent Animals from Invading Through Toilets

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Plumbers face a unique challenge beyond the usual pipe repairs and installations: guarding against animals entering homes through toilets. Mike Flook, a plumbing expert from, highlights the risks posed by creatures like rats, snakes and even scorpions that can navigate through sewer systems and U-bends.

Rats, known for their swimming prowess and ability to hold their breath underwater, are frequent visitors in plumbing systems. They can lift toilet lids and enter homes if pipes are not secured with a nonreturn valve. Flook recommends this valve as a simple and effective solution, costing around $200 to install, to block vermin access through pipes.

Other animals, such as snakes attracted by water sources and frogs following mass breeding events, also pose threats to plumbing systems. In warmer climates, spiders, cockroaches and lizards may find their way into toilets seeking shelter or food. Plumbers can advise homeowners on preventive measures and ensure that plumbing installations are critter-proof.

For plumbers working in regions with venomous wildlife, thorough checks before toilet use are crucial. By staying vigilant and recommending protective measures, plumbers can protect homes from unexpected animal intrusions and provide peace of mind to their clients.


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