Debunking the Kinetic Water Ram

If you learn how to work the Kinetic Water Ram properly then it will soon become a favorite of your hand tools in your truck

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Debunking the Kinetic Water Ram

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General Pipe Cleaners’ Kinetic Water Ram uses a burst of compressed air that drives a shock wave (kinetic energy) through water to break up the stoppage. The shock wave bypasses vents and stacks to break up clogged drains. You get instant impact with no pressure buildup. The built-in pump and pressure gauge lets you choose the right amount of force for each job. Thanks to technical advancements, the device is designed to deliver effective results without risking damage to the plumbing system. To some, this might sound too easy and create the belief that the shock wave will damage pipes or cause a bigger issue. Well, that isn’t the case, and here we will discuss the top myths of the Kinetic Water Ram and how to properly use the product.

Myth #1 – “This will damage the pipe.”

The Kinetic Water Ram does not pressurize the pipe, so the thought that it will burst the pipe due to the introduction of psi, is not correct. The Kinetic Water Ram creates a shock action that travels through the pipe like a wave and goes around tight bends, and quickly and effectively clears the obstruction and flushes water particles away. This method is efficient and reduces the risk of harming pipes.

Myth #2 – “I’m going to get wet every time.”

Now, while you could get wet the first time you use it, you shouldn’t get wet every time you use the Kinetic Water Ram. We recommend pumping the machine up to 10 pounds, and if that doesn’t work, move up in 5-pound increments until the stoppage is clear. You will want to start slowly and gradually work your way up in pressure as necessary. You also need to hold the Kinetic Water Ram down with as much force as you’re discharging. If you don’t do this crucial step, then the pressurized water stream will blow away from the pipe and you’ll get soaked. If you start with too high of a pressure, then you will have more difficulty holding it down. Proper technique with the Kinetic Water Ram ensures a dry, mess-free experience, unlike what many assume.

Myth #3 – “I only need to pay attention to the drain I’m working on.”

Pay attention to your surroundings. If you’re using the Kinetic Water Ram at a school or a business, take note of where the pipes might lead. If you have sinks that are next to each other that are connected to the same pipe, when you use the Kinetic Water Ram on the blocked sink, water will very likely shoot out of the other sink or sinks. In order to prevent this, you will need to plug up all the other exit points when clearing lines. This proactive approach confirms that you productively tackle the clogged sink without causing additional disruptions.

Myth #4 – “I can use the Kinetic Water Ram on any job.”

No one machine is perfect for every job. With the Kinetic Water Ram the most effective situation is to have standing water between you and the obstruction. If the water is moving slowly, that’s when it’s perfect to use a snake-style machine like the Power-Vee or Super-Vee. It’s important to recognize what type of job you’re about to tackle and determine whether you should use a jetter, Kinetic Water Ram or a snake-style machine, as not every tool will be perfect for the job.

Design and operation

The design of the Kinetic Water Ram includes a built-in pump and pressure gauge that allows users to control the intensity of the air burst. The tool is shaped to fit securely against a drain opening, ensuring that the kinetic energy is directed precisely where it is needed. This setup prevents the buildup of pressure within the plumbing system itself, which could otherwise lead to damage. The simplicity of the device — requiring only the application of air pressure — makes it invaluable in the arsenal of plumbing tools, being both portable and easy to operate.

Kinetic energy at work

The principle behind the Kinetic Water Ram is the conversion of compressed air into kinetic energy. When the device is activated, it releases this energy in a controlled shock action that travels through water in the pipe like a wave. This wave is powerful enough to dislodge difficult blockages caused by common debris such as hair, grease or soap residue, bypassing vents and stacks that could dissipate the energy ineffectively.

If you learn how to work the Kinetic Water Ram properly then it will soon become a favorite of your hand tools in your truck. The Kinetic Water Ram is a quick and efficient drain cleaning machine that clears drains within minutes. Mastering the Kinetic Water Ram is about appreciating its design and utilizing its capabilities to the fullest to efficiently clear drains.

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