Williams Brothers Plumbing has developed a reputation as the leader in trenchless pipe replacement in its Southern California service area. Use of Orangeburg lines in the 1970s means the need for sewer line replacement is growing.

Tune in as manager Joe Williams discusses the advantages of using a pull-and-replace system. A team now does five or six pipe replacements a week, compared with one a week when they dug trenches.

The company has employed trenchless technology for the last 20 years, getting a start by working with HammerHead Trenchless Equipment testing early prototypes of the lateral replacement system they use today.

Williams Brothers is shown here doing a full trenchless replacement on a corroded Orangeburg sewer line that had root intrusions in its joints. A Vac-Con hydroexcavator is used to dig the entry, while the 20-foot sections of 4-inch HDPE pipe are butt-fused with a McElroy fusion machine. The crew then used a HammerHead Gen2 to pull the HDPE replacement pipe into place.

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